Breathe Easy & Watch Football This Thanksgiving

Football is ingrained in the fabric of Thanksgiving in America like Apple Pie or Mashed Potatoes. We even included football and thanksgiving parades in our monthly list of What to Do in November. All across the country this Thursday morning, passes will be thrown, touchdowns will be scored and glory will be won. A sense of community will be shared before everyone goes back to their homes for the biggest dinner of the year. Don’t miss out on one of America’s favorite fall traditions simply because your supplemental oxygen proves too big of a burden!

On the local level, high schools will be playing Thanksgiving games with neighboring towns and longstanding rivals – some game traditions date back 75 or 100 years! These games tend to draw thousands of fans from both towns participating in the game. Do you have a family member or friend whose child will be playing in a game this Thursday? Get out and show some support for them and your town! Just take your portable oxygen concentrator along for the ride.

If there is no local high school rivalry game in town, maybe there’s a “Turkey Bowl” in your community – an unofficial gathering of everyone in the neighborhood or town for a game of recreational football. On top of providing fun, these types of local events always provide a sense of community and allow you to re-connect with folks who are in town for the holiday.

On the national level, three NFL games will be on television Thursday, and countless college football rivalry games will take place over the course of Thanksgiving weekend.

We want you to enjoy the great tradition of Thanksgiving Football however you like, especially if your family and friends are participating as well. The Inogen One oxygen therapy systems are portable and make it incredibly easy to move around on game day. One of the latest addition to the Inogen One family of products, the Inogen One G3 oxygen system, is lightweight, small, and comes with a shoulder strap carry bag. The single lithium battery lasts up to 4.7 hours, and the double battery lasts up to 10 hours. A car adapter is also included with the system to keep the battery at maximum power on the go.

Enjoy the football action with family and friends this year, and breathe easy from wherever it’s taking place!


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