Inogen® Connect

An Individualized Experience in Long Term Oxygen Therapy

The free mobile app is available with Inogen® Rove 6, Inogen One G4®, and Inogen One G5®. Inogen® Connect allows you to monitor your Inogen® device closely through your Bluetooth connected mobile device.

Device usage information is displayed conveniently in the Inogen Connect app.

Bluetooth pairing for
device connection
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screen navigation
View device
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Additional App Features

  • Check device battery life
  • Monitor column life status
  • Perform column resets while replacing columns
  • Receive latest software updates for your Inogen device
  • Receive exclusive discounts and promotions only available to Inogen Connect app users
  • Receive maintenance information
  • Access your providers customer care service
  • View pertinent health and device usage parameters from your connected wearable and portable oxygen concentrator
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Inogen® is dedicated to providing our highest quality of customer service to help customers enjoy a meaningful experience. The Inogen® Connect app provides access to Inogen's 24/7 support. Inogen's responsive customer service helps users monitor Inogen® systems1 more closely through a supported mobile device.

mobile phone displaying the inogen connect mobile app

1Excludes G2, G3 and At Home

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