How Many Hours Do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Last?

One of the first questions many people ask when they are looking into portable oxygen concentrators is, “How many hours do portable oxygen concentrators last?” Since patients with COPD stated that they preferred more lightweight devices such as a POC over portable oxygen cylinders, the life of the battery becomes especially important.

The amount of time your portable concentrator lasts will depend on a few factors. First (and most obviously), it will depend on the portable oxygen concentrator you use and the battery life offered by that particular model. Next, you will need to consider your oxygen prescription and the flow settings you will need to use. The higher the flow setting, the faster your battery will be drained. Last, but not least, you will need to think about how frequently you use your portable oxygen concentrator, and how long you will use the portable oxygen concentrator per session throughout the day. The more often you need oxygen therapy sessions, the faster you will use your battery, but it is important to consider that you may not use it all up in one go.

Frequent travelers might be the first to ask, “How many hours do portable oxygen concentrators last?” The amount of time a portable oxygen concentrator will last per charge will be of particular importance to anyone who spends time traveling, as certain modes of travel may not allow you the opportunity to recharge during your trip. As such, if you intend to travel, think of how and when you will use your portable oxygen concentrator so you have a clear idea of how long you will want your battery life to be.

Consider Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery Options

At Inogen, we believe oxygen therapy should help make your life better. Our Inogen One POCs are designed for the travel needs of our active patients and their lifestyle. You can enjoy going out and about or traveling with the help of one of our lightweight Inogen One units. Our FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrators provide travel portability for a patient’s active lifestyle.. Your AC charging cord may be plugged into a standard household plug; and your DC charging cords may be plugged in to a 12.4-15.1 V (for car charging) and 24Vdc (O/P for power supply) 120W vehicle outlets.

Still, it is important to be prepared for the possibility that you might not have the chance to recharge your portable oxygen concentrator battery.

Once you have taken stock of how you will use your portable oxygen concentrator, keeping your oxygen therapy prescription in mind, it is time to consider your options. Inogen offers three portable oxygen concentrator models, with the capacity to fulfill different priorities. Each of our Inogen One models offers a slightly different battery life depending on the size of the unit; however, no matter which unit you choose, you can also opt to use a double battery, which offers up to double the battery life of the single batteries.

See below to learn how many hours Inogen One models will last on setting 2 with a single battery or with a double battery. Keep in mind that the battery time will vary depending on the flow setting used. There are also basic guidelines and tips to help improve your battery life and keep it working efficiently.

On Flow Setting 2 Inogen One G3 Inogen One G4 Inogen One G5
Single Battery Duration

up to 4.5 hours

up to 2.7 hours

up to 4.9 hours

Double Battery Duration

up to 9.6 hours

up to 4.5 hours

up to 10.3 hours

Making the Most of Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery Life

Keep in mind that the longest battery life may not be the deciding factor for you. You may opt for the Inogen One G4 because it is our smallest, most lightweight model offered. Or, you may select the Inogen One G5 because it offers 6 flow settings, and not just because it offers the longest battery life of any of our Inogen One models. Depending on your lifestyle, battery life may be a primary consideration when you choose your portable oxygen concentrator; work with your doctor and healthcare team to choose the unit that best fits your life and your oxygen therapy needs.

If you are unsure which model may be right for you, contact us for more information. We can help you explore your options. We look forward to helping our customers get the right Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator for their supplemental oxygen needs.

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