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Traveling by Car with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Traveling by Car

Are you looking for a safe, easy solution to oxygen therapy while traveling in your car?

The Inogen One oxygen machine is a portable concentrator that can provide endless hours of oxygen therapy when plugged into the cigarette lighter or the auxiliary DC power supply in your car or RV.[1] These small portable oxygen machines can run off a battery, or simply plug into your car for long trips. Whenever the Inogen One is plugged in to an external power supply, such as your car, the Inogen One can operate and charge the battery simultaneously. The small size of this portable oxygen machine should fit behind the driver seat.

The Inogen One portable concentrator is lightweight, designed for travel and gives you unlimited oxygen on any car trip that you might take (when fully charged or connected to  a power source.)[1]  You no longer have to fill the trunk with portable cylinders for a weekend getaway. And since the Inogen One’s battery is charging when you are connected to the car’s power port, you can reach your destination with charged batteries.*

*charging times and battery durations vary by model.

The design of the Inogen One delivers on the concept of small portable oxygen machines. It provides home oxygen therapy patients with travel portability for their active lifestyle. This versatile portable oxygen machine is lightweight and compact. It’s designed  for your oxygen therapy needs; stationary, portable and travel. The Inogen One provides you oxygen at home or away, all day, every day (when fully charged or connected to a power source).


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