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Traveling by Cruise Ship with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Traveling by Cruise Ship

If you are planning to do any international travel with oxygen, there are a lot of details you will need to sort out before you leave. However, if you will be using your oxygen on cruise ships, it might surprise you how easy it can be. The ease of use and requirements will vary with each oxygen delivery system, but taking a cruise with your oxygen can be as easy as using it at home. Read on to learn how.

Can You Take Oxygen Concentrators on a Cruise Ship?

What can you bring on a cruise when it comes to oxygen? Oxygen therapy equipment is welcomed aboard a cruise ship! If you will be traveling with oxygen on cruise ships, all you need to do is ensure that you have adequate supplies to last the entire trip. If you use an oxygen tank, that means bringing enough oxygen for the full trip, which can be unwieldy. If you use a portable oxygen concentrator, you will just need to ensure that you have adequate access to a power source and several batteries.

Tips for Using Oxygen Equipment on Cruise Ships

If you will be bringing oxygen on cruise ships, there are a couple of tips that can help make international travel with oxygen significantly easier. Follow these tips for before, during and after your trip and it will be smooth sailing!

Before, During and After the Cruise


  • Bring a copy of your oxygen prescription, along with a medical release form from your doctor stating that you are cleared for international travel with oxygen.
  • Call the cruise company and airlines to ensure all of your oxygen equipment is approved for use onboard. Only FAA compliant oxygen devices can be used on an airplane. Talk to the Special Needs Department at the cruise company to confirm what you can bring on a cruise.
  • Talk to your doctor about adjustments you might need to make to your oxygen prescription for air travel, high altitudes or increased physical activity. You may also need to adjust your equipment for international travel with oxygen.
  • Make sure you bring more than enough oxygen for your entire trip. If you are using an oxygen concentrator, make sure you have extra batteries.


  • Get to the seaport early. Seaport security personnel may require extra time to inspect your oxygen supplies during the security screening process.
  • Bring a pulse oximeter along to test your blood oxygen level throughout your travels.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the layout of the ship so you can avoid smoking sections and any other area that may have open flames. Talk to company representatives about how to avoid these areas.
  • If you are traveling with an oxygen concentrator use battery power for ship activities outside your cabin. Be sure and keep enough batteries charged to provide power for the duration of your shipboard activities. To conserve battery power, locate electrical outlets to use in various areas of the ship.
  • Bring adequate oxygen or batteries for excursions, and ask if there will be areas that might be too difficult to navigate.


  • After returning from your trip, make sure you get adequate rest and check in with your doctor to see if any adjustments need to be made to your oxygen therapy program.

Hopefully this helps ease your mind if you are wondering, “What can you bring on a cruise when it comes to oxygen therapy?” Bringing oxygen on cruise ships is surprisingly simple, particularly if you use one of Inogen’s portable oxygen concentrators. Our Inogen One models make using supplemental oxygen on a cruise ship as convenient as using it at home. In your cabin, simply plug your Inogen One into an AC electrical outlet just as you would at home, or enjoy the freedom provided by our long-lasting batteries. With Inogen, you can enjoy improved freedom, mobility and independence, even during international travel with oxygen. Contact us to find out more today.


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Reviewed by Sheri Nelson, RN – June 24, 2019

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