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Home Oxygen After a Hospital Stay

After returning home from a stay at the hospital, adjusting to a new oxygen therapy prescription can feel a little nerve-wracking. In order to help you feel prepared and educated, let’s explore what you should know about home oxygen therapy and what you should discuss with your doctor. Adjusting to home oxygen after a hospital […]

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Free Medicare Eligibility Check

When you first learn you will need an essential medical service, like supplemental medical oxygen, you may be concerned about how you will pay for your medical supplies. This concern can be significant and stressful for many people, particularly if their finances already require careful management. Many people who require supplemental medical oxygen also qualify […]

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How to Stay Healthy While Self-Quarantining

This is an unusual time in the world, especially for people who fall in the high-risk category for the novel coronavirus. Self-quarantine brings additional challenges, as bouts of loneliness or boredom may spring up due to taking extra precautions to maintain your health. In order to stay both mentally and physically healthy, be mindful about […]

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Breathing Techniques to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety affects your entire body, which can make calming yourself remarkably difficult. The more anxious or stressed you feel, the more symptoms you may experience. Learn how to use breathing techniques to self-soothe, calm your body and regulate your breathing. How Do Stress and Anxiety Affect Your Body? Stress and anxiety are powerful emotions, able […]

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Breaking Up Lung Congestion

Everyone experiences lung congestion periodically, but people with chronic lung diseases and respiratory illnesses often struggle with mucus buildup in their respiratory systems. Some mucus in your airways is helpful, protecting your lungs from irritants and keeping your tissues moist. However, excess mucus and lung congestion are uncomfortable and impact proper breathing. This is especially […]

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What Stages of COPD Require Medical Oxygen?

Because the key symptom for most patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is shortness of breath, oxygen is often used as a successful treatment. However, it is not always clear to newly diagnosed patients whether medical oxygen treatment will be required or at which COPD stage oxygen therapy is likely to be prescribed. Read […]

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Care and Maintenance of Oxygen Equipment

Regular care and maintenance of your portable oxygen equipment will not only extend the life of your oxygen supplies, but it will guarantee that you’ll receive optimal air flow with uninterrupted service. The following guidelines are recommended by Inogen for oxygen concentrator maintenance on all Inogen One units to keep your oxygen equipment in tip-top […]

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4 COPD Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Your body will usually tell you when something is wrong, but the truth is that we often ignore these signs until they have progressed to the point that they are too serious to ignore. By that point, you may have missed an important treatment window, particularly with COPD. Read on to learn what symptoms indicate […]

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Importance of Social Distancing and Home Quarantining for COPD Patients

If you have a chronic lung disease like COPD, you should always be extra careful about avoiding respiratory illnesses. However, with the COVID-19 crisis and the speed with which it has spread around the world, it has become critical that people with lung disease practice careful social distancing and self-quarantine at home. This can feel […]

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