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Oxygen Concentrator vs. Nebulizer Machine

Many people with COPD, asthma and other respiratory diseases or illnesses have to use both oxygen concentrators and nebulizers to maintain healthy oxygen levels. However, if these medical devices have been prescribed to you for the first time, you might not understand the difference between the two. Learn the difference between an oxygen concentrator and […]

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COPD Holiday Gift Guide

Anticipating holiday gift giving can be fun and exciting, or it can feel surprisingly stressful as you try to choose the perfect gift for someone you care about. If you are choosing a gift for someone with COPD, you might feel unsure about how to choose the right gift. It can be helpful to think […]

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Smoker’s Lung: What You Need To Know

In the United States alone, more than 480,000 people lose their lives to tobacco-related deaths every year.[1] Worldwide, that number increases to 7 million.[2] If you are a lifelong smoker, the chances of dying from an illness caused by smoking are significantly increased.[1] While many of us have heard the term “smoker’s lung,” have seen […]

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What is an Upper Respiratory Infection?

The upper respiratory infection (or URI infection) is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor every year. Most of us will get one each year, most frequently occurring in the fall and winter. The upper respiratory tract infection is a fact of life for many of us in the colder months, and […]

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COPD and Headaches

If you have COPD, you probably expect to cough, feel short of breath or wheeze with some regularity. However, what you might not expect with COPD symptoms is to experience frequent headaches. COPD and headaches do, in fact, go hand in hand quite often, but it is important to understand why this is and what […]

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10 Warning Signs of Lung Disease

Lung disease does not always make a bold appearance. In fact, it can slowly sneak up on you with symptoms that you may not immediately recognize as warning signs of lung disease. Some of the symptoms may even be a surprise to you. Learn the symptoms of lung problems that you should look out for […]

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What Causes COPD?

After being diagnosed with COPD, many patients wonder about what caused their disease. Understanding what causes COPD can help you cope with your diagnosis and understand how to slow the progression of the disease over time. Additionally, being clear about what causes COPD could help you avoid developing COPD if you are at risk but […]

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Long Term Oxygen Therapy and COPD

When you receive a brand new chronic lung disease diagnosis, you will suddenly become aware of the barrage of new terminology surrounding you. You might receive an informational sheet reading “COPD LTOT” and think, “What on earth is LTOT?” If you know the meaning of the terms COPD and LTOT, chances are you’re in the […]

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Understanding the Psychological Benefits of Portable Oxygen Therapy

The benefits of oxygen therapy are well-documented. They include reduced fatigue and a better night’s sleep, as many individuals have sleep disorders related to breathing issues, and in the cases of individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it can help increase lifespan.[1] Of course, these are all powerful benefits, but it’s important to realize […]

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