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Introducing the New Inogen One G3/G5 Cart

Inogen user pulling Inogen One Cart

The Inogen One Cart is now available to help you transport your Inogen One G3 or Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator unit. We heard our customers when they asked for a specially designed cart just for our Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5 units, so we created a cart designed to conveniently and safely transport your Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators when you prefer not to carry them in a bag or backpack. Read on to learn more about how the Inogen One Cart was designed to improve your freedom, independence and mobility. 

Meeting Customer Needs with the Inogen One Cart

Inogen is committed to meeting our customers’ needs, so when we heard that some customers were looking for a rolling cart designed especially for our Inogen One units, we listened. In response, we designed a cart especially for our customers to offer more options for transporting our Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5 models. With comfort and functionality in mind, we designed this cart to help meet the needs of as many Inogen One customers as possible. We also wanted the Inogen One Cart to be easy to use and take with you, while maintaining an attractive design that works for you. Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5 carts

The Inogen One Cart’s sleek black design means that the cart itself is subtle. The wide wheel base, thick solid wheels and sturdy support for your Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator ensures that the cart will roll smoothly over a variety of surfaces without your Inogen One wobbling out of place. When you are ready to rest or relax, just place the cart in its upright position—the Inogen One Cart stands safely and securely, without the risk of toppling over.

For customers who are experiencing significant fatigue as a result of their breathing condition, or for customers with reduced strength or stability, the Inogen One Cart offers a secure alternative to the provided carrying bag. And, since you place your Inogen One into the cart inside the carrying bag, you can still opt to pick it up and carry it that way at any time. With both of these options available to you with the Inogen One Cart, traveling with your Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5 just got even easier. 

A Convenient Way to Transport Your Inogen One Unit

The Inogen One Cart makes moving around with your portable oxygen concentrator even smoother for anyone using oxygen on the go. Whether you want to be able to take a slow evening stroll or move quickly through an airport, the Inogen One Cart helps you transport your Inogen One G3 or Inogen One G5 with ease. Both the Inogen One G3 and the Inogen One G5 can still be easily carried using the provided carrying bags. That said, while both of these portable oxygen concentrators are extremely lightweight (4.7 lbs for the Inogen One G5 and 4.8 lbs for the Inogen One G3), it is still nice to have another transport option. The Inogen One Cart allows you to roll your Inogen One unit on the ground, rather than exclusively carrying it on your shoulder or back, offering you more options for ideal comfort and convenience. 

There are two different slots available inside the Inogen One Cart so it works for both the Inogen One G3 and the Inogen One G5. These slots help ensure that your Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator unit sits securely in the cart. Since you place your portable oxygen concentrator in the cart inside of its carrying bag (provided with rental or purchase), the carry bag handle slips over the Inogen One Cart handle, providing added security. You can trust the Inogen One Cart to carry your Inogen One unit safely, so that you can move about, worry-free. Even while secured in the cart, your Inogen One unit’s controls are easy to access for uninterrupted oxygen therapy.

The Inogen One Cart is also lightweight, weighing just 3.25 lbs., so it can be easily placed in the car or grabbed from a coat closet on your way out the door. This cart is collapsible by way of a push-button handle, just like a rolling airline suitcase, to ensure that it is easy to collapse, as well as compact and easy to bring with you. Once collapsed, the cart is just 17.68 inches tall, and it is always 12.51 inches wide, making it easy to store away in your home or in your car. You can even tuck it under a table at a restaurant while you eat. The Inogen One Cart is also adjustable to fit your stature, with two height levels available to help you hold and pull it comfortably. The collapsible handle can be lifted to 34 inches or fully extended to 41 inches so that you can choose the handle height that works best for you. 

Inogen One G5 Cart Inogen One G3 Cart

Made Just for You and Your Life on Oxygen Therapy

Our vision was to ensure that, as always, our customers can enjoy the best quality of life possible on oxygen therapy, so we designed the Inogen One Cart to fit you, your Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator and your life. While Inogen offers a number of different carrying bags and backpacks for both the Inogen One G3 and the Inogen One G5, we heard our customers express the desire for a different way to carry their portable oxygen concentrators. We listened closely to your feedback and your requests and we designed our rolling cart carefully to meet your unique needs when transporting our Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5 models. Keeping quality, convenience and safety in mind, the Inogen One Cart is easy to use and easy to carry with you. It keeps your portable oxygen concentrator safe and protected, but within arm’s reach, without requiring that you carry it on your back or shoulder. The sleek, lightweight design means it is a durable and convenient carrying solution, no matter where you want to go with your Inogen One G3 or Inogen One G5, provided you have access to a battery or AC power source.

Inogen was founded on the belief that oxygen therapy should improve your life, rather than hinder it, and we believe the Inogen One Cart will help improve that reality for many of our customers. With the Inogen One Cart and your Inogen One G3 or Inogen One G5, you can achieve improved freedom, mobility and independence. 

We look forward to hearing what you think of the Inogen One Cart. Find out more about it, as well as any other ways we can meet your needs, by contacting us today. Breathe better and move around easier with our Inogen One products.


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