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Pulse Oximetry & Oxygen Saturation: What Oxygen Therapy Users Need to Know
Pulse Oximeter being used by a nurse on a patient

A pulse oximeter is a handy medical device that uses two frequencies of light – red and infrared – to determine the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood that is saturated with oxygen, otherwise known as your oxygen saturation level (O2 sat level).[1] If you have ever been in a doctor’s office and heard your […]

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10 Tips for Oxygen Safety in the Home
Oxygen Regulator, Tank Mount, w/DISS 1240 Fitting

Home oxygen safety is one of the most important aspects of oxygen therapy, whether you choose an oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinders or a liquid oxygen system as your oxygen supply source. Although oxygen is a safe, non-flammable gas, it does support combustion,[1] meaning things burn more readily and ignite easier in its presence.[2] As such, you […]

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Do I Need a Prescription to Buy a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

When a patient first learns that they will require supplemental oxygen to improve their breathing, they are likely to have many questions. Patients often wonder about how to get their oxygen and what steps they will need to complete in order to get the oxygen delivery device they need. If your doctor has recommended supplemental […]

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Getting to Know Blood Oxygen Levels

What Is a Blood Oxygen Level? When you measure your blood oxygen level, you are measuring how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying at the time the measurement is taken. Because every cell in your body requires oxygen to function properly, maintaining a normal blood oxygen level is essential to your health.  If […]

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