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Traveling With Oxygen on Airplanes: Can You Fly with Portable Oxygen?

UPDATED MARCH 2021 Are you preparing for an airplane trip and wondering, “Can I bring oxygen on a plane?” The answer is yes, you can travel with an FAA-compliant portable oxygen concentrator on an airplane! With Inogen portable oxygen concentrators, traveling with oxygen therapy products on planes is as easy as it can be. Read […]

Holiday Travel Tips

When you have COPD, or any other lung disease requiring supplemental oxygen, preparing for holiday travel is a little different. We are here to help make your travel as easy as possible this season.  Planning Your Holiday travel traveling for the holidays can be joyful and exciting or, if you have a lung disease like […]

Traveling with Oxygen Resources

traveling with oxygen can seem like a challenge, but once you understand what is required for travel with your oxygen delivery system, it becomes easier each time you do it. To provide you with helpful information, Inogen has curated some travel resources to help you learn more and be as prepared as possible. Read on […]

Summer with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator: A Travel Guide

Summer is here once again, which means many people are enjoying more time outdoors and participating in more activities that get them moving. Even with social distancing practices in place and many folks staying at home more than they usually do, getting outside is a welcome change of pace. If you use a portable oxygen […]

Christmas Travel Made Easy – 2017

MEDICAL OXYGEN SHOULDN’T KEEP YOU AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS DINNER THIS YEAR. Christmas is right around the corner, and Inogen One oxygen concentrators make it easier than ever to get you where you need to go on Monday, December 25th. In years past, you may have had to stay put because an oxygen tank was too […]

9 Tips for Traveling with Oxygen to America’s National Parks

Explore the great outdoors – experience nature – spend quality time with friends and family – these things and more are what you can expect when visiting one of America’s 59 national parks. From archeology, history and wildlife, to swimming, hiking and fishing, national parks provide a convenient, affordable vacation option your whole family can […]

Inogen Travel: Muir Woods

If you want to see the exact spot where earth kisses the sky, it’s in a little wooded grove just north of the red golden gate. This primal forest has been a federally protected National Monument since 1908, but it’s genesis began long before. It’s truly a majestic ecosystem of gigantic proportions! Wooded crowns reach […]

The Benefits of the Traveling CPAP Machine

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the treatment of choice for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It’s also used to treat COPD and overlap syndrome, a term used when OSA and COPD occur together. CPAP promotes better breathing by providing continuous airflow and applying a gentle pressure to the throat area. CPAP keeps the air passages […]

10 Holiday Travel Trips for People with COPD

Crowded airports – holiday traffic – unfamiliar winter roads – travel during the holidays can be stressful for anyone, but it can be especially challenging if you have COPD. Does this mean that people with COPD are home bound for the holidays? Absolutely not! With a little planning, preparation and the following travel tips, your […]

Traveling with Portable Oxygen & Inogen One Accessories

What to Pack on a Road Trip with Portable Oxygen With a portable oxygen concentrator like the Inogen One G3, nothing is holding you back from taking a long-awaited, summer road trip. After all, that’s part of the reason you own one, right? If you’re ready to beat the heat and get out of town […]

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