How Vibralung Works

When using the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor, sound waves over a range of frequencies travel into your lungs while you breathe. As a result, mucus is loosened and separated throughout the airways, by the principle of sympathetic resonance, to promote safe, effective and gentle airway clearance.


Airway Clearance Therapy

Acoustical Percussor

1-year warranty

The Vibralung Acoustical Percussor is intended for use at home for patients with respiratory diseases and related conditions that involve increased mucus production, infection and inspissation of secretions, and defective mucociliary clearance.

  • Easy to operate; battery-powered, lightweight and portable; can be used almost anywhere
  • Requires only minimal patient effort with normal breathing
  • No patient discomfort; no contact with the external chest wall
  • Treatment times are quick and efficient
  • Unique coupling of acoustic energy (sound waves) directly to the airway gently vibrates the airway surface to loosen secretions
  • Sole therapy or adjunct to other methods/devices
  • Incorporates PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure)
  • Works during both phases of the breathing cycle

System Includes:

  • Vibralung Treatment Control Unit
  • Hand-held Transducer
  • Cone
  • Mouthpiece
  • Standard Y-adapter
  • Aerosol Y-adapter
  • Battery Charger
  • Carry Bag

A verified prescription is required before your order can be processed. Your order will be shipped after your prescription has been received and verified by an Inogen Oxygen Specialist. To send in your prescription information, please email it to or fax it to 877-301-7520. If your prescription has not been verified, one of our Inogen Oxygen Specialists will follow up with you for further instruction.

Weight Weight: .51 lbs
Frequency Settings Frequency Settings: L - R5
Dimensions Dimensions:
Height: 7.5 IN.
Width: 3.75 IN.
Battery Duration Battery Duration: At least 40 treatments @ 10 minutes each
What's Included
Technical Specifications
  • Hand-held transducer
  • Treatment Control Unit
  • Vibralung Patient Kit

System Includes:
Vibralung Treatment Control Unit
Hand-Held Transducer
Standard Y-adapter
Aerosol Y-adapter
Battery Charger

Treatment Control Unit: .75 lbs
Hand-Held Transducer: .51 lbs

Treatment Control Unit: 4 1/4 x 5 1/4 x 1 1/4 in (HWD)
Hand-Held Transducer: 7.5 x 3.75 x 3.5 in (HWD)

Treatment Settings
L (Low) ~ 5-350 Hz
M (Medium) ~ 5-660 Hz
H (High) ~5-1200 Hz
R2 5-1200 Hz
R5 5-1200 Hz

Rechargeable internal batteries

Battery Lifespan
500 charge/recharge cycles

Battery Charger
120 VAC/60 Hz Input; 15 VDC/1.6A/24A Output

Limited One-Year Warranty:
The Treatment Control Unit (TCU) component of the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor is warranted by Westmed, Inc. against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months from the date of original purchase. This applies to the end user (patient/consumer) that Inogen has purchased on behalf of. During the warranty period, Westmed will repair or, at its option replace at no charge, a TCU that proves to be defective, provided the TCU is returned, shipping prepaid, to the Westmed Customer Service Department along with a Westmed assigned Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number.

What is Not Covered:
This warranty does not apply if the TCU has been damaged by accident (e.g., drop onto the floor) or misuse or as the result of service or modification by other than Westmed, Inc., including any attempt to open or service the TCU for any reason. The repair or replacement of a TCU is your exclusive remedy. Except as specifically set forth otherwise in this Document, NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE GIVEN, AND BUYER WAIVES ALL SUCH WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WESTMED, INC. BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

Additional Information on the Vibralung System