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Compact and Lightweight Home Oxygen Therapy

What does home mean to you?

Most people associate “home” with comfort and peace. But home oxygen therapy patients have to work extra hard to find comfort and peace even within their own homes, because the basic function of breathing is more complicated for them.

Inogen’s home oxygen therapy is the solution for breathing easier in a stationary environment, for patients with COPD, bronchitis, and other conditions.

Choosing Your Home Oxygen Therapy Equipment

home oxygen therapyHome oxygen therapy solutions are not all the same. In the past, medical oxygen users would rely on oxygen tanks at home and on-the-go. These tanks were heavy and inefficient, and you could forget about carrying one from one room to the next without assistance.[1]

The Inogen at Home™ is an oxygen concentrator designed to give users home oxygen without all those headaches. This oxygen concentrator gives users greater peace and comfort with oxygen therapy at home. It’s a lightweight machine that keeps energy costs low so that the user retains his/her sense of comfort.

You breathe easier when your oxygen concentrator makes you feel perfectly at home. Breathing easier becomes a reality with the light, compact, and efficient Inogen At Home™.

Here are just a few things that set it apart from other standard stationary oxygen concentrators in the market today:

• Only 18 pounds
• 5 liters of continuous flow oxygen delivered per minute
• Energy-efficient

Oxygen Delivery – 5 liters of oxygen are delivered per minute on continuous flow setting. Continuous flow is ideal for at-home use when the user is stationary and the breathing rate is constant.[2]

Weight – 18 pounds is approximately half of what other concentrators weigh. Weight remains an important factor even with stationary equipment because it allows the user to have the freedom to choose what area or room in the home the concentrator should go. No one wants to feel tied down to the room where the medical oxygen is stationed.

Energy-Efficient – Home oxygen concentrators are constantly running, but that doesn’t mean they have to use a lot of electricity. An energy-efficient concentrator lowers your environmental footprint and electrical bill at the same time.

The Inogen At Home™ runs on significantly less energy than the standard market stationary concentrator. See below on how much the Inogen At Home™ could potentially help you save in electricity costs*:

home oxygen savings calculator

The Inogen At Home™ oxygen concentrator is one of several oxygen concentrators from Inogen that help people with breathing conditions overcome challenges and lead the lives that they want. Inogen was founded on providing innovation in oxygen therapy, and for the Inogen At Home™, that means a lighter experience that doesn’t run up the energy bills.

Inogen aims to give medical oxygen users the feeling of peace and comfort at home. The object of home oxygen therapy isn’t simply to breathe easier, but for life to be easier with your device.

*Above comparison chart based on the following assumptions:
• Stationary oxygen concentrator usage of 20 hours per day.
• Flow setting of 2 Liters Per Minute used for Inogen At Home™ power draw.
• Standard market concentrator power draw based on published
specifications of a common competitive stationary oxygen concentrator.
• Actual costs and/or savings may vary.


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