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Exciting News in Home Oxygen Therapy!

World, meet your new home oxygen concentrator. Inogen is proud to announce the launch of its new home oxygen concentrator, the Inogen At Home. This is Inogen’s first stationary oxygen concentrator, after manufacturing several innovative portable units, including the Inogen One G2 and the Inogen One G3. The Inogen At Home is for patients requiring […]

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The New Look of

Anyone with a breathing condition knows that every day is a new challenge, and with that comes a new opportunity to overcome that challenge. A day in the life with COPD can be trying but also rewarding, depending on your approach. Inogen supports any initiative that promotes better breathing and better lifestyle for those requiring […]

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A Day in the Life with COPD

When you’re living with COPD, every day is a new challenge. Inogen helps make certain obstacles easier by providing better breathing to users in compact, easy-to-travel concentrators. Yet there are many other obstacles to face every day even when your oxygen is extremely light and portable. With COPD, things that for the large part of […]

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Vaccine Recommendations for Adults with Chronic Lung Conditions

The month of August marks National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM), a time to recognize and promote the importance of vaccinations in preventing serious – and sometimes deadly – diseases.  And kids aren’t the only members of the community that need to be vaccinated; adults with chronic lung diseases also need protection. Which Vaccines Do You […]

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Which States Have the Highest and Lowest Rates of COPD?

It’s no secret: COPD is a widespread condition that affects over 24 million people in the United States. Thanks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavior Risk Surveillance Survey, we can see just how common the condition is. COPD’s prevalence across all 50 states ranges from just under 4% of the state population […]

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Reducing Chronic Inflammation in COPD

The more we learn about COPD, the more we know it to be a disease with consequences that extend far beyond the lungs. Although COPD primarily targets the respiratory system, the effects that occur outside the lungs – often referred to as extra-pulmonary or systemic effects – are important to consider when talking to your […]

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