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Curious Consumer Series

Inogen’s Curious Consumer Series provides a question and answer with an Inogen employee, getting to know the people from the Inogen company and answering valuable questions for our community along the way. This edition, the Curious Consumer Series talked to Inogen’s Brian Magladry What does your current position entail? What are your primary responsibilities? Brian: […]

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Deep Breathing Moments in Everyday Life

What are the moments in life when we need a deep breath the most? When do we have to tell ourselves: “Okay, take a deep breath, you’ll be fine”? Medical oxygen users know the value of good breathing, but not all people react to moments in life equally. Sometimes things happen that jostle the system, […]

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Building & Sustaining Energy With COPD

Energy is defined as the “ability to be active: the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things”. Inogen values the ability to be active for users of medical oxygen. Those users know not to take that physical or mental strength for granted, because it can be elusive when you are living with […]

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2014 COPD Awareness Month

Learning, Sharing, and Improving with COPD COPD Awareness Month is here! This is the month-long initiative sponsored by the U.S. COPD Coalition that promotes education, awareness, and donations for COPD in America. Last year, Inogen’s Share for COPD Awareness campaign was Inogen’s way of participating and generating awareness, and it was a success on a […]

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The Sound of Better Breathing

Do you ever feel better after hearing some of your favorite songs? That effect may be more profound than you think. Music has been linked to a number of health benefits, both physical and mental. And some of those benefits can directly improve your breathing if you’re suffering from COPD or another condition. A USA […]

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Exciting News in Home Oxygen Therapy!

World, meet your new home oxygen concentrator. Inogen is proud to announce the launch of its new home oxygen concentrator, the Inogen At Home. This is Inogen’s first stationary oxygen concentrator, after manufacturing several innovative portable units, including the Inogen One G2 and the Inogen One G3. The Inogen At Home is for patients requiring […]

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The New Look of

Anyone with a breathing condition knows that every day is a new challenge, and with that comes a new opportunity to overcome that challenge. A day in the life with COPD can be trying but also rewarding, depending on your approach. Inogen supports any initiative that promotes better breathing and better lifestyle for those requiring […]

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