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Top 6 Social Benefits of Portable Oxygen Therapy

Portable oxygen therapy has many psychological and long-term health benefits, but did you know it can also improve your social life?  It’s true; the days of being stuck at home tethered to endless tubing are long-gone. With the Inogen One G3, the social possibilities are endless. If you’re ready to bounce back into an active […]

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Decreasing Stigma & Social Isolation with Portable Oxygen Therapy

People with COPD often face unfortunate social consequences that are likely to stem from the visible effects of the illness. Disability – struggling to breathe – the use of supplemental oxygen and mobility aids – many patients report feeling stigmatized by the people around them as a direct result of these serious, observable consequences.1 Why […]

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The Beauty of Breathing Easier

“Breathing easier” means many things to Inogen and its community of users. It’s the oxygen you need, when you need it. It’s the reassurance that everyday life won’t have insurmountable obstacles. And it’s a lower stress level that comes as a natural result of all that better breathing and improved quality of life.   Improving […]

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What’s Your Exercise?

Inogen promotes better breathing in all forms. The positive influence that exercise has on breathing is well-known, but it is not as simple as exercise = better breathing. It’s about finding the right exercises and routines. It can feel pretty intimidating to find the right exercise that will improve your mental and physical well-being. Too […]

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Optimizing Exercise with COPD

When you have a health condition that affects your breathing, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. But studies show that, when you have COPD, regular physical activity relieves shortness of breath,1 decreases anxiety, reduces fatigue, promotes greater independence, and improves overall quality of life.2 In addition, supplemental oxygen administered during exercise enables people with lung […]

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Panic Attacks in COPD: 5 Ways to Win Back Control

Panic attacks are defined as episodes of intense anxiety accompanied by physical sensations of extreme arousal. Symptoms of panic attack include racing heart beat, weakness, dizziness, numbness and tingling of the hands and fingers, sweating, chest pain, difficulty breathing and a feeling that you’ve lost control.1 The prevalence of panic attacks in COPD is estimated to […]

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Men with Facial Hair Beware: Oxygen, Sparks & Mustaches Don’t Mix

Men with Facial Hair Beware: Oxygen, Sparks & Mustaches Don’t Mix Attention men with facial hair! If you use supplemental oxygen at home or on the go, grab your shaving gear and read on.  According to a recent report published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, facial hair and home oxygen can be a dangerous combination.  After […]

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Realizing the Possibilities of AARP

The AARP’s slogan is “Real Possibilities”, and that is just what Inogen urges its entire community to explore. Better breathing with an oxygen concentrator means enjoying the lifestyle that you want, and doing activities where and when you want to do them. AARP could go a long way in helping you do the things you […]

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