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New Year, New Freedom

We all know that a new year can feel like a new start. And with that new start comes the desire for change. Who among us hasn’t made a “New Years Resolution”? In fact, Inogen has several New Years Resolutions specifically for COPD patients. But these lifestyle changes and “do better” solutions are notorious for […]

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New Year’s Resolutions With COPD for 2015

What do you hope to change in 2015? What resolution is going to make you happier and healthier? People with COPD always have challenges in front of them. Inogen has provided a list of COPD New Years Resolutions in order to breathe and live better next year. Take More Walks View image | Exercise […]

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Curious Consumer Series

Inogen’s Curious Consumer Series provides a question and answer with an Inogen employee, getting to know the people from the Inogen company and answering valuable questions for our community along the way. This edition, the Curious Consumer Series talked to Inogen’s Brian Magladry What does your current position entail? What are your primary responsibilities? Brian: […]

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Deep Breathing Moments in Everyday Life

What are the moments in life when we need a deep breath the most? When do we have to tell ourselves: “Okay, take a deep breath, you’ll be fine”? Medical oxygen users know the value of good breathing, but not all people react to moments in life equally. Sometimes things happen that jostle the system, […]

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