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Inogen’s Oxygen Concentrators Clinical Efficacy

doctorInogen and its portable oxygen concentrator, the Inogen One, are grounded in peer reviewed and published clinical research. Since its inception, Inogen has been dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of clinically efficacious oxygen technologies. As an innovator of oxygen technology and portable oxygen equipment to enhance the lives of patients, we believe it is important and incumbent on any manufacturer and service provider to present sound, evidenced-based data to support the use of any oxygen therapy device.

Before putting its portable oxygen concentrators for sale, Inogen thoroughly tested its technology and concepts on the bench and clinically validated them through additional original science and work, most of which has been published in clinical peer reviewed journals. The Inogen One has been designed and manufactured based on the best science and information available.

Specific Research on Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Inogen has completed and published more clinical data surrounding the Inogen One oxygen concentrator than any other available portable oxygen equipment.

Peer reviewed and published research has suggested that an oxygen setting selection on the Inogen One based on daytime ADL/ambulation appears to produce effective nocturnal oxygen therapy as evidenced by a mean sleeping SpO2 of 92% and no clinically significant desaturation during the study.1

Inogen has also done studies to compare nocturnal oxygenation with continuous flow versus the Inogen One portable oxygen equipment among a group of established Long Term Oxygen Therapy users with chronic lung disease. The results demonstrate that when appropriately titrated, Inogen’s oxygen concentrator, the Inogen One, is essentially clinically equivalent to continuous flow oxygen. The study also suggests that daytime pulse dose titrations may be effective in determining nocturnal oxygenation.2

There are common myths regarding Inogen’s oxygen concentrator in relation to oxygen tanks and home concentrators, but the peer reviewed and published clinical studies involving actual oxygen users clearly define the facts. In fact, the Inogen One is clinically validated to provide the necessary oxygen for most ambulatory patients during all phases of daily activity and during sleep (RespirCare March 2006:51(3):252-256; and CHEST 1999 Vol.116(1):22-29).

  1. Stegmaier JP. Chatburn RL, Lewarski JS. “Determination of an Appropriate Nocturnal Setting for a Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Pulsed-Dosed Delivery.” Abstract. Respir Care November 2006;51(11): 1305.
  2. Chatburn, R, Lewarski J, McCoy R. “Nocturnal oxygenation using a pulsed dose oxygen conserving device compared to continuous flow oxygen.” Respir Care March 2006;51(3): 252-256
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