Understanding the Psychological Benefits of Portable Oxygen Therapy

The benefits of oxygen therapy are well-documented.  They include reduced fatigue, a better night’s sleep – as many individuals have sleep disorders related to breathing issues – and in the cases of individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it can help increase lifespan.1

And of course, these are all powerful benefits.  Yet it is also important to realize the psychological benefits that arise from improved health and greater independence.

For many people, a debilitating illness represents an enormous change in one’s quality of life.  Individuals who are used to unlimited freedom are now faced with the prospect of remaining in their home or limited to short outings with oxygen tanks, unable to do even the simplest of tasks, be it spend time with family or friends or enjoy a hobby without worrying about running out of oxygen.

Making matters worse is the fact that many individuals with respiratory-related ailments like COPD, cystic fibrosis, or sleep-related breathing disorders, nonetheless still have the mobility to walk and enjoy the outdoors, yet can be hamstrung by lack of oxygen.  Not surprisingly, doctors diagnose many of these individuals with low levels of depression and prescribe medication accordingly.

But there is now another option.  Portable oxygen machines let individuals re-claim their independence.  The days of portable oxygen tanks with a limited supply are a distant memory; our portable machines are approved for stationary, portable, and travel use, for daytime and nighttime and they are portable concentrators so they never run out of oxygen.

The result?  Greater freedom and mobility, and with it, greater peace of mind.


1 – Living With Oxygen Therapy – National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, 2011

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