Inogen’s Home Oxygen Therapy Service Expands to Florida

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our home oxygen therapy service area to include the state of Florida. We have been honored to be able to restore freedom and independence to thousands of oxygen therapy users throughout the country and now are excited to be able to offer the same access to Floridians.

To compliment active lifestyles in Florida, oxygen therapy users want a solution that eliminates the worry of running out of oxygen or waiting on others for oxygen tank refills. With an oxygen concentrator such as the Inogen One, gone are the big, steel tanks, the need for cumbersome ‘portable’ systems and the fear of running out of oxygen. The Inogen One takes the place of both an in-home oxygen therapy system and a portable system. It is small, lightweight and runs on battery, AC, or DC power. It’s a portable oxygen concentrator that makes its own oxygen so it never runs out.

In addition, the Inogen One is a single solution that was designed for all modes of use – one solution that can be used at home, away, and for travel oxygen. In fact, the Inogen One is clinically validated to provide the necessary oxygen for most ambulatory patients during all phases of daily activity and during sleep.

Thousands of residents in Florida who require long term oxygen therapy have requested information on Inogen’s oxygen service and the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator, but have been unable to move forward until our recent expansion. Inogen is pleased to now be able to offer our oxygen therapy service in the state of Florida as well as most other states in the nation. With the help of Medicare and private insurance, residents in Florida may be able to reclaim their freedom and independence on Inogen’s service for little to no additional cost.

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