Inogen Urges COPD Patients to Share, Learn, and Enter to Win!

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COPD Awareness Month is here, and we are playing a big part this year!

We are proud to announce the launch of the “Share for COPD Awareness Campaign!” Inogen is launching this exciting campaign for COPD Awareness Month in November. As a provider of medical oxygen, Inogen’s primary goal is to see people with breathing conditions improve their health and sustain their quality of life. That’s why we believe it is imperative to be all-hands-on-deck for COPD Awareness Month. Generating awareness and sharing knowledge for COPD is a year-long proposition, but it starts with November.

Do you or someone you know use medical oxygen due to COPD? Are you interested in learning more about this condition, and sharing knowledge with other people?

There are plenty of ways to participate in Share for COPD Awareness Month, including a Giveaway and a Resources page presented by Inogen.

What You Can Do:


First, share the message about COPD. It is only by bringing this condition to the forefront that people will understand its prevalence and the importance of getting tested and screened.

Next, share your success story of living with COPD and overcoming obstacles. Your success will serve as inspiration for others with COPD now and in the future. No feat is too small when it comes to overcoming obstacles in everyday life that COPD has presented.

Lastly, share the information and resources obtained in the campaign’s resources section.

Enter to Win

The benefit of sharing your success story goes beyond providing inspiration to the COPD community. You can also become eligible to win a gift card! By submitting your story, you enter to win the Inogen Share for COPD Giveaway, a gift card of $500. Just fill out the form, share your story, and you’ll be entered.


The Share for COPD Awareness campaign also includes a resources page from the best websites and organizations for all things COPD, including the American Lung Association and the COPD Foundation. One of the best ways to spread awareness is to read the information and statistics from these incredible resources and share them. Bookmark these pages not just to learn right now, but to continue visiting these sites and learning from them in the future.

The Inogen Share for COPD Awareness campaign comes from Inogen’s goal to promote better breathing. If we can raise the awareness level so that more people are getting screened and getting treatment who need it, then Inogen has done its job. Check the Inogen website and social media channels all through the month of November and participate in this exciting initiative for COPD Awareness.


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