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Anticipating holiday gift giving can be fun and exciting, or it can feel surprisingly stressful as you try to choose the perfect gift for someone you care about. If you are choosing a gift for someone with COPD, you might feel unsure about how to choose the right gift. It can be helpful to think about gifts that will truly improve their life and help them cope with their disease and its symptoms. Read on for some gift ideas for anyone you care about with COPD. 

Gifts That Help Someone with COPD Breathe Better

Anyone with COPD can tell you that their number one goal is to be able to live life as normally as possible for as long as possible. In order to do that, they need to be able to breathe as well as they can. The following gifts can help someone with COPD breathe better and get the oxygen they need. 

  • Air Purifier: An air purifier can be particularly helpful for someone who lives in an area with significant air pollution, a high smog level, frequent wildfires or whose symptoms are triggered by allergens like pollen or household dust.
  • House Plants: Plants reduce carbon dioxide while producing oxygen. As such, house plants not only provide physical beauty in a space, but they also improve the air we breathe. Look for plants that are especially good at improving indoor air quality, like money plants, mother-in-law’s tongue, areca palm, ficus, chrysanthemums, aloe vera and spider plants.[1][2] 
  • Inogen TAV: The Inogen Tidal Assist Ventilator (TAV®) System, or Inogen TAV, is an advanced respiratory device that helps boost oxygen intake to help adult patients who suffer from respiratory insufficiency. For oxygen users who still feel breathless after regular activities (even while on oxygen), this device provides an extra boost of oxygen when they really need it. Call 1-866-329-1458 to find out if the Inogen TAV System can help your loved one. 
  • Inogen Oxygen Concentrator: Want to give the ultimate gift of improved freedom, mobility and independence? An Inogen Oxygen Concentrator can do just that. These oxygen concentrators have been developed to improve patients’ quality of life on oxygen by allowing them to continue to live life as normally as possible, without having to hassle with finite amounts of oxygen, or oxygen tank refills and replacements. Call 1-800-695-7915 to learn how an Inogen Oxygen Concentrator could improve the life of someone you love. 

Gifts That Help Someone with COPD Manage Their Symptoms

People living with COPD learn how to best manage their symptoms over time, but there are certain things that can help make it easier. The following gifts can help someone with COPD manage their symptoms better, and think of you as they do so. 

  • Pulse Oximeter: A practical and helpful gift for people with COPD who need to monitor their oxygen levels, a pulse oximeter allows anyone to check their oxygen saturation levels at home.
  • Inogen One Travel Accessories: If your loved one is already an Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator user, giving travel accessories for their model is a thoughtful gift. Consider extra batteries, an external battery charger, a new carry bag or the lightweight Inogen One G3/G5 Cart.
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Sessions: Pulmonary rehabilitation is so helpful for people living with COPD, as it incorporates a comprehensive approach to improving pulmonary health. It typically includes exercise training, smoking cessation, nutritional counseling and education about and support for living with COPD. The benefits of pulmonary rehab are profound, and this gift shows sincere care for your loved one.
  • Books About COPD: If you are choosing a gift for someone who has just been diagnosed with COPD and feels overwhelmed, a book about COPD can be profoundly helpful. The straightforward COPD for Dummies offers helpful basics, while the comprehensive Positive Options for Living with COPD: Self-Help and Treatment for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease offers great advice for managing the disease.[3][4] 
  • Mask for Cold Weather: This is a simple, thoughtful gift. It has long been recommended that people with COPD cover their nose and mouth while outdoors in the cold, and wearing a cloth face mask can help make breathing easier in cold weather.[5] There are now a variety of face masks available that can help reduce respiratory issues for people with COPD in the winter, and can also help protect them from certain infectious viruses. 

Gifts That Are Fun and Beneficial for Someone with COPD

Looking for a gift that benefits a person with COPD, but still feels fun and exciting? These gifts say that you care, but also have the fun factor you want. 

  • Exercise Equipment: Regular, moderate exercise is important for maintaining respiratory health for people with COPD. Gifting exercise equipment that will help the recipient continue to exercise on a regular basis is a bigger gift than you might think. From larger equipment, like an exercise bike or treadmill, to smaller equipment, like hand weights and resistance bands, the gift of exercise has serious benefits. 
  • Personal Training Sessions: Along similar lines, gifting personal training sessions can help someone with COPD learn how to exercise thoughtfully and safely in order to build their strength without overdoing it. From yoga to Pilates to weight training, there are so many ways to get started. If the person to whom you are giving the gift does not have a history of regular exercise, this is a fun way to get them started safely. Personal training feels like an extravagant purchase for many people, so it can be an exciting gift to receive.
  • Cold Weather Accessories: Cold weather can be particularly difficult for people with COPD, and it is important to protect against cold, dry air to prevent worsening respiratory symptoms. A lovely winter hat, scarf and mitten set feels indulgent, and it can also help someone with COPD stay warm, reducing breathing difficulties. An extra benefit? The scarf can double as a covering for the mouth and nose. 
  • Support Group Membership: Many people are hesitant to sign up for support groups on their own, or simply do not know they exist. Helping someone you care about find the right support group for them is a huge gift (and might not even cost you a penny). More than that, it can help build in important social time and often comes with fun events!

Gifts to Avoid for Someone with COPD

With all the care that goes into gift-giving, you do not want to accidentally give a gift that could exacerbate COPD symptoms. Here are some things you should avoid so you do not cause worsening symptoms unintentionally.

  • Scented Items: While they may seem luxurious and relaxing, scented candles and perfumes can actually cause respiratory irritation for someone with COPD. The smoke from candles can cause further irritation as well. Skip anything scented or that creates smoke, just to be safe.
  • Charcuterie Baskets: Again, these seem so thoughtful, but for someone with COPD, cured meats, cold cuts, cheese, pickled items and other common foods found in these types of baskets can cause excess bloating and mucus production, which can make breathing harder for someone with COPD.[6] Give a fruit basket instead.
  • Cleaning Services That Use Harsh Products: Many cleaning products have harsh fumes that can irritate the lungs and airways of someone with COPD. While a cleaning service is a wonderful gift, make sure they use only mild or natural products that have minimal fumes.

Inogen Can Help Improve the Quality of Life for Someone You Love

Though we all wish the gift of health was ours to give, Inogen can help you give the second best thing. We know that the ability to breathe better is a profound gift, and Inogen can help people with COPD reach that goal. We are committed to helping improve the quality of life for all of our customers because we know that oxygen therapy can be a big change, and the impact is different depending on your oxygen delivery device. That is why we designed all of our Inogen Oxygen products to help improve patients’ freedom, mobility and independence. 

When you give the gift of Inogen, you are also giving the gift of a better quality of life. Perhaps you have decided to help someone you care about get the Inogen Oxygen Concentrator they have been wanting. Maybe you are planning to get a loved one started with the Inogen TAV System to help them get the boost of oxygen they need when they need it most. Or maybe you know that a new Inogen Oxygen Concentrator accessory would make their life easier. No matter what gift you have decided on, giving an Inogen gift to someone with COPD is a true sign of caring.

Contact us today to find out how Inogen can help you provide the perfect gift for the person in your life with COPD. Together, we can help improve their quality of life.

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