Finding the Best Oxygen Concentrator for Your Needs

When battling a breathing condition, you need the help that will be most effective to your unique situation. People of different ages and conditions have different needs, and that is why it is so important not to look for the best oxygen concentrator on the market, but for the best oxygen concentrator for your needs. The first step in finding that is considering your unique situation and all of your needs. Ask yourself: How will I be using the concentrator? How do I want it to improve my life?

Find the oxygen concentrator for your needs by fully examining your own life and considering the following:

Home vs. Portable

The first step in finding an oxygen concentrator is determining if you need portable, stationary, or both.

Portable oxygen from Inogen is clinically validated for 24/7 use. In other words, if the amount of oxygen is sufficient, you can use an Inogen portable oxygen concentrator all throughout the day and night. The delivery adjusts automatically when breathing changes from periods of rest to periods of activity, or vice versa.

If the oxygen output required exceeds that which is available from portable oxygen concentrators, it’s time to also look at a home oxygen therapy solution.

Part of what will determine what concentrator you need is the oxygen output you require. This is an amount, usually prescribed by a doctor measured in liters per minute.

Home Oxygen

Inogen’s home oxygen therapy is the right choice for an oxygen user requiring heavier doses of oxygen for a stationary environment.

The Inogen At Home delivers 5 liters per minute of continuous flow oxygen. Despite that power, it remains quiet and efficient. At 18 pounds, the At Home weighs more than its portable oxygen counterparts, but remains incredibly light for a stationary unit. Some comparable stationary units weigh almost double that.

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The At Home does allow for portability within the home, so that you never feel tied down to one room or spot.

Oxygen Output – Portable:

If the best oxygen concentrator for you is portable oxygen, oxygen output remains a large determining factor. The lower the level of oxygen you require, the lighter and smaller you are able to go in finding the perfect machine.

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When the G2 is preferable:

A bigger concentrator like the Inogen G2 is the machine for you if a high oxygen output is required. While still portable, it weighs more than the G3 because of its higher capacity to deliver oxygen on 6 flow settings.

When the G3 is preferable:

A smaller portable oxygen concentrator is the machine for you if mobility is your aim. It is smaller and lighter than the G2, but delivers slightly less oxygen. If you need oxygen that can be delivered from flow settings 1-5 in order to help you stay active, the lighter style of concentrator is for you.

Want to compare the Inogen One G3 and G2 back to back? Click here to view our portable oxygen concentrator comparison.


Finding the best oxygen concentrator for you is the big step, but not the last step! Once you have your perfect concentrator, it’s time to cater your lifestyle to better breathing, and that includes, exercise, diet, therapy and more.

Diet – Foods can hurt or help a COPD patient’s breathing.

Exercise – Exercise has been shown to improve breathing, especially for COPD patients.

Customer Stories

Many of Inogen’s users have found the best oxygen concentrator for them, and the results have been tremendous.

“Switching from oxygen tank to the Inogen portable unit has been immensely beneficial to our quality of life. The ease and convenience of using the portable unit cannot be understated! A 10 day trip to Puerto Rico would not have been practical without the Inogen unit.”

Inogen’s Customer Stories

The best oxygen concentrator for you will be determined by required oxygen output and intended use. If you need help figuring out what will work best, please contact Inogen’s customer service representatives who will help you through the process!


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