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COPD Awareness Month is Here!

November is COPD Awareness Month, and at Inogen our goal is to improve the lives of those who require medical oxygen, many of whom suffer from COPD. One way to do that is to increase awareness and understanding of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The American Lung Association is partnering with the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute for the “Learn More Breathe Better” campaign. Information on the campaign and all that it offers can be found below.

As part of our commitment to improving the lives of oxygen users and those with COPD, below you will find information, tools, resources, and events to help you take full advantage of COPD Awareness Month and get any help that you might need.

If You Are an Inogen User:

Make sure you check out our most recent Fun with Freedom series post!  There are some great things to consider doing this November with your newfound independence.

If You Are Suffering from COPD:

Be sure to check out all the resources, information, and events going on for this month. Learn how Inogen can help you cope with COPD and grant you greater independence and mobility in your everyday life.

If You Have Trouble Breathing:

Learn as much as you can about COPD and how to get tested to see if you have it. Contact your doctor or health care provider and inquire about a breathing test.

Inogen helps people who suffer from COPD by providing medical oxygen in a lightweight and portable concentrator that serves as a single solution, for day and night, at home and on the go.


NHLBI Resources

COPD Learn More Breathe Better® Campaign Resources

Register or Attend an Event

ALA Resources

About COPD

COPD Management Toolkit

Better Breathers Clubs in Your Area


Our hope is to assist you in finding the answers to your questions and the right treatment and support for your condition. Join us in spreading awareness and understanding of COPD this November.


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