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A beautiful day like this just makes you feel great to be alive and although most people are out and about enjoying themselves, I wonder how many people out there are unable to enjoy something as simple as an afternoon walk because they don’t have an oxygen therapy solution that fits their lifestyle. Thankfully, that’s all changing, and soon many more will be able to reclaim the freedom and independence they enjoyed before going on oxygen.


At Inogen, we’re on a mission to bring back that freedom and independence to oxygen users around the world. Since the first Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator was produced in October 2004, many people have had their lives changed for the better. Inogen is the manufacturer of the Inogen One and is an accredited homecare provider of oxygen therapy to patients in their homes.


Traditional oxygen therapy has always brought life-altering restrictions that, for some, have at times seemed intolerable. Are you one of them? Has your dependence on oxygen therapy put limits on your lifestyle that just seem too unfair? With our innovative oxygen products and services, the solution can be as simple as a phone call away.


If worrying about your O2 supplies being delivered on time, making sure you have extra tanks when you leave the house or, worse, not wanting to leave the house because it’s just too much hassle, then know that you can change all of that right now. With the Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator, there are no tanks because this unique portable oxygen concentrator makes its own oxygen on the spot. Learn more with our informative welcome video.

5 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Inogen One Blog”

  1. terri says:

    How much does the portable unit cost if you have no insurance?

    1. Inogen One says:

      Hi Terri,

      Thank you for your question. Please call us at 1-800-630-3144 and we’ll be happy to describe the options for you.

  2. Marlene Zdenek says:

    would my medicare and my supplemental insurance pay for any of this?

  3. stephanie says:

    With your oxygen system, I would not need any O2 tanks. Is that correct? I am on oxygen 24/7 & have been this way since 2004. I’m tired of carrying, pulling & pushing these unsightly large (E-tanks) around with only about 2 hrs use. I have COPD/Emphysema. I’m disabled and on Medicare. Would love to walk the mall again! Can you help me?

    1. Inogen One says:

      Hi Stephanie – yes, we can help! The Inogen One is one solution for stationary, portable, and travel use, for daytime and nighttime, and it’s a concentrator, so it never has to be refilled. It can eliminate all of the cumbersome oxygen tanks that you use now and act as your primary oxygen source. You can walk the mall again – and a whole lot more! Since the Inogen One is approved for air travel by the FAA it can restore your independence around town or around the world. We would love to tell you more and we can also check your eligibility with Medicare or your primary insurance to see if you are eligible to switch at little to no additional cost!

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