Top 6 Social Benefits of Portable Oxygen Therapy

Portable oxygen therapy has many psychological and long-term health benefits, but did you know it can also improve your social life?  It’s true; the days of being stuck at home tethered to endless tubing are long-gone. With the Inogen One G3, the social possibilities are endless. If you’re ready to bounce back into an active social life, take a look at how the Inogen One can lend a hand:

  1. Grandparents with boyGreater independence to pursue a more active social life – The convenience, mobility, and portability of the Inogen One G3 equates to a long-awaited revival of your now stagnant social life. Movies – lunch with the girls – shopping with friends – baseball games – Friday night card games – anything is possible when your oxygen source is portable.
  2. Freedom to attend social functions with ease – Because the Inogen One G3 delivers a continuous supply of purified oxygen, you never have to worry about leaving a social gathering prematurely. With a single battery that lasts up to 4.5 hours and a double battery that lasts up to 9, you’ll have a long lasting supply of oxygen.
  3. Bridges the gap between you and long-distance loved ones – If being with your grandchildren is important, but distance and cumbersome home oxygen systems have kept you apart, portable oxygen means you’ll never have to miss another graduation or holiday.
  4. Affords the luxury of global travel – No more being stuck at home with your dreary home oxygen concentrator; trips with friends or family to your favorite vacation spot are now well within reach.    
  5. Saves embarrassment – Social stigma associated with using supplemental oxygen in public is one of the most common reasons that people are reluctant to use a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) for oxygen therapy.1 The inconspicuous nature of the Inogen One G3 saves the perception of embarrassment that may come with using a larger, more noticeable POC.
  6. Improves physical fitness while boosting motivation – If exercising alone has never motivated you, exercising with other, like-minded health enthusiasts may. With the Inogen One G3, you can participate in group exercise classes, take part in recreational sports, or sign up for a bowling league.  The Inogen One G3 makes staying fit and having fun easily attainable.   
  7. To learn more about why the Inogen One is an incomparable solution to all your portable oxygen needs, read:  Portable Oxygen: The Smarter Choice for Oxygen Therapy.


Author: Deborah Leader RN, BSN, PHN


1A.C. Simpson and G.M. Rocker. Advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: rethinking models of care QJM. (2008) 101 (9): 697-704 first published online July 31, 2008 doi:10.1093/qjmed/hcn08.

Photo Credit: Flickr, 67835627@N05, 10070028

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