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‘Tis The Season

Happy Holidays, copd holiday, copd holiday tipsWhether you’re prepared or not, the Holidays are here. It’s a festive time, meant for time with family and celebration. But it also brings with it certain concerns, especially for those suffering from breathing conditions and requiring medical oxygen. Here is Inogen’s plan for fully enjoying the Holidays.


Traveling is easier with Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators. They are small and lightweight. Beyond that, they are designed for travel with car chargers and carry cases. Medical oxygen shouldn’t keep anyone from getting to where they need to go, and around the Holidays that often means a drive to someone else’s house or an even further trip.

Consult our travel guidelines and suggestions if you are traveling by car, train, boat, or plane in the coming days. As always, safe travels!

Keeping Warm and Managing the Cold

In certain parts of the country, the cold is a concern for everyone this time of year. It is a bigger concern with COPD patients, as the cold air has negative effects on breathing and airflow.

Visit our guide to battling the cold with COPD in order to understand what precautions need to be taken this Holiday season, when people tend to be outside their routine more and traveling more.

Maintaining Exercise during cold months

Going along with the cold weather is the affect it has on regular exercise. As we’ve seen, exercise can help reduce stress and improve breathing. Overall, it will keep your symptoms at bay. By staying warm, covering the entire body, and only venturing outside for short stretches, any medical oxygen user can continue to exercise during the cold holiday season. Just take your concentrator along with you in a carry case!

Inogen’s goal for all its users throughout the holidays is that they achieve mobility and independence. It’s about not letting COPD or other breathing conditions hamper your holiday plans and holiday spirit!

Do you know someone who could use an Inogen accessory? Find last minute gift ideas here at the Inogen Store.

Merry Christmas to the entire Inogen community, and here’s to even better breathing in 2014!


Photo Credit: Flickr, happy holidays! by melissa brawner

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