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Therapies to Support Oxygen Therapy

Salt Therapy, support oxygen therapyYour Inogen portable oxygen concentrator provides oxygen therapy, but it isn’t the only therapy that can improve the physical and mental health of COPD patients. Inogen is “oxygen therapy on your terms.” In order to round out your therapy, we’ve provided a few other methods for you to utilize!

Salt Therapy

We’ve warned before of the dangers of salt in your diet. But it can have quite the opposite effect on your breathing and skin when utilized as part of therapy. Salt therapy, defined as a session in a salt-enriched environment, has been shown to drastically improve breathing. The benefits of salt therapy for COPD patients include: loosening of mucus, less constriction in airways, alleviation of coughing and shortness of breath, and overall feelings of revitalization.

In summation, salt can be detrimental when ingested with food, but when inhaled with oxygen, it can be very beneficial for COPD patients. Find a local spa or clinic near you that offers salt therapy!

Physical Therapy

The benefits of exercise for COPD patients are well known, especially among the Inogen community. Some people assume that physical therapy is only meant for people in recovery. That is not always the case, because physical therapy can help people develop exercise plans to maximize physical activity without over-exerting. This is especially important for COPD patients that need exercise for their breathing, but also need to be careful about how much activity they are doing.

Physical therapy can also introduce breathing training, which will help when breathing becomes strained. Different techniques force the respiratory system to do different actions, keeping the patient in control.


Massage therapy can have several benefits for patients with COPD. The first is that a massage can simply relax muscles and alleviate soreness and aches that you may have developed from your physical activity regimen.

Massage therapy can alleviate stress created in respiratory muscles. If breathing is more difficult than usual, then the body’s respiratory muscles will work extra hard. A massage can provide much-needed relief to overtaxed systems of the body, like the neck or shoulders.

Finally, a massage can also go a long way in relieving overall stress. COPD is a stressful thing to deal with – not only physically stressful on your body, but emotionally stressful in the toll it may take on your life. The techniques of a massage are proven to relieve that stress, and when you’re less stressed, you’re breathing easier, which of course is the ultimate goal.

Support/Traditional Therapy

Aside from therapy having to do with the body, there is also therapy that will provide emotional support and mental support. Dealing with COPD on a daily basis is a big change and a big responsibility. The toll is not only physical, but also emotional. That is why it’s important to address the emotions that COPD may bring forth, and seek support with people experiencing similar things.

Having to do with breathing, stress can get you worked up and have a detrimental effect on your breathing. Therefore, by seeking out this method of therapy, it will aim to lift some of the burden and lift stress from your life.

Whatever the method of therapy, the goal should be to improve your breathing, and to improve your overall physical and mental health. Let us know what methods work for you!

Disclaimer: this article is for informational purposes only and you should consult with your physician before adding or changing any part of your oxygen therapy.

Photo Credit: Salt Therapy, Wikipedia


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