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Summer Traveling Made Easy

Summer traveling is in full swing and it’s great to get out to the park, mountains or to that much-anticipated annual family reunion. For our friends out there who would love to hop in the car and take off for a summer jaunt but worry about their long term oxygen therapy requirements holding them back, we’ve got some great news. An oxygen therapy solution is available that does away with restrictions suffered by those tied to oxygen tanks.

Summer Traveling Made Easy

The answer is something called the Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator. This is a small, lightweight, portable oxygen concentrator that not only replaces the portable oxygen tanks you’re forced to carry along on every trip you take but can even replace the big oxygen concentrator installed in your home. Can you imagine how great it would be not to have to worry about oxygen tank delivery schedules or being forced to return home in the middle of some enjoyable event just because you’re running short on O2 and forgot to pack a spare supply tank? Has this already happened to you?

Unfortunately, too many oxygen therapy patients solve the problem by restricting their lifestyles to the point of just not going anywhere, staying inside at home, bored, frustrated and wondering if things will ever get better. Well, you can put those thoughts aside right now, because the Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator is an oxygen therapy solution that does away with the tanks, the deliveries and the worries about ever running out again. It never runs out because this portable oxygen concentrator makes its own oxygen. Batteries are good for 4-8 hours each depending on the battery size and your flow setting, and when running low, installing a replacement takes only seconds or you can also plug into any power outlet, even in your car. Does this sound good to you? Check out this introductory video for full, detailed information.


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