Stress Takes a Holiday With the Inogen One

April marks National Stress Awareness Month and the perfect opportunity to recognize the impact that chronic stress has on your health and how the Inogen One can help you live a healthier, stress-free life.

Studies consistently show that the majority of Americans are living with moderate to high levels of stress in their daily lives. In fact, results from a recent Stress in America Survey show that many American adults feel that their stress levels are increasing, rather than decreasing. Why are we so “stressed-out”? The most frequently cited sources of stress are money, work and the economy; however, 53% of Americans report that personal health problems top the list of major stressors, with 66% believing their stress has a significant impact on their physical health and 63% believing the same for their mental health.

Stress, to a certain degree, is healthy — even necessary — for survival. When faced with a dangerous situation, for example, your pupils dilate, your pulse and rate of breathing increase, your muscles tense; essentially, all your body’s systems support its effort to either fight or flee to safety. Indeed, many events can trigger this “fight or flight” stress response — getting married or divorced, commuting to work every day in heavy traffic, even taking your driving test.

Under normal circumstances, once the stressful life-event is over, your body should return to normal functioning. When the source of your stress is constant, however, all those hormones and brain chemicals that were called upon to get you through that stressful situation end up doing more harm than good. Eventually, chronic stress takes a toll on your health, weakening your immune system and increasing your risk for a number of chronic illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, hypertension, depression and obesity.

For many people, having a chronic illness means having to use supplemental oxygen. This, in and of itself, can be a significant source of stress, especially when you’re faced with the additional challenge of having to plan your daily life around your oxygen supply source.

The Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator takes the stress out of worrying about oxygen. Less stress means more time for you to enjoy the freedom and independence that’s afforded you when you use a portable oxygen delivery system that is lightweight, dependable and versatile. Weighing in at only 4.85 pounds, its portability and ease of use means that, never again, will you be stuck at home, tied down to endless miles of tubing and heavy machinery.

In light of National Stress Awareness month, give your stress a holiday with the Inogen One G3: a portable oxygen concentrator that takes the stress out of using supplemental oxygen.

Author: Deborah Leader RN, BSN, PHN

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