Inogen At Home: Energy Savings Calculator

Here you can estimate how much money you could save* in electricity costs, using the Inogen At Home compared to a standard market stationary oxygen concentrator.

Just enter in your state, average hours/day usage of your current home concentrator, and the power draw (in Watts) of your current home concentrator.

Inogen At Home Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

* (Watts)


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*Pre-populated values based on published specifications of a common competitive stationary oxygen concentrator.
*Flow setting of 2 Liters Per Minute used for Inogen At Home power draw.
*Actual costs and/or savings may vary.

Claudia Testimonial Inogen At Home Concentrator“The Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator has given me back my pre-oxygen freedom of movement.  It’s small size and quiet operation allow me to place it anywhere in my home; and, my husband and I are able once again to take the spur-of-the-moment trips we so enjoy. No more trying to coordinate rental concentrator deliveries along our way, we just pop the Inogen At Home in the trunk of our car and plug it in wherever we decide to stop. It’s  easy and convenient! I love it!”

– Claudia H.




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