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Inogen At Home: Energy Savings Calculator

So, how much power does an oxygen machine use? Here you can estimate how much money you may save* in electricity costs using the Inogen At Home compared to a standard market stationary oxygen concentrator.

Just enter in your state, average hours/day usage of your current home oxygen concentrator, and the power draw (in Watts) of your current home oxygen concentrator.

Inogen At Home Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

* (Watts)


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*Pre-populated values based on published specifications of a common competitive stationary oxygen concentrator.
*Flow setting of 2 Liters Per Minute used for Inogen At Home power draw.
*Actual costs and/or savings may vary.

How Much Power Does An Oxygen Machine Use?

Using a home oxygen concentrator comes with additional electricity costs, but those electricity costs can really vary depending on which home oxygen concentrator you use. Any time you are using your home oxygen concentrator, it will need to be plugged in and using energy. However, the more energy efficient your oxygen concentrator, the less it will cost you over time. 

When you consider the right home oxygen concentrator for you, it is important to look at energy usage, too. The fact is that a stationary oxygen concentrator will raise your energy bill, but the question is, how much power does an oxygen machine use? That all depends on which oxygen machine you use. The power consumption of different brands can vary quite a lot, so it is important to do your homework before making a final decision.

Inogen At Home: A Leader in Energy Efficiency

The Inogen At Home was designed with energy efficiency in mind. Our goal was to keep energy usage as low as possible while still providing the power you need for your oxygen therapy needs. So, we thought, “How much power does an oxygen machine use, and can we improve on what customers are using now?”

Inogen is proud to say that we succeeded in doing exactly that. The Inogen At Home uses just 100 watts of energy to provide 2 liters per minute of continuous flow oxygen, which is comparable to a standard 100 watt lightbulb. You would probably expect a machine that can provide you with a continuous flow of supplemental medical oxygen to use a lot more energy than a lightbulb, but as it turns out, that is not a necessity at all. In fact, even at its highest flow setting of 5 liters per minute, the Inogen At Home still only uses 275 watts of energy.[1]

Comparing Inogen to Home Oxygen Competitors

The energy efficiency of home oxygen concentrators can vary, so it is important to compare the power consumption of any model you are considering when asking, “How much power does an oxygen machine use?” The Inogen At Home is leading the way in home oxygen concentrator power consumption, but how do competitors compare? No other low-flow home oxygen concentrator is as energy-efficient as the Inogen At Home, and many use more than twice the wattage of the Inogen At Home.[2] That could mean that your electricity costs would likely be higher with other home oxygen concentrators. 

How to Calculate Your Yearly Energy Costs

You can calculate how much any home oxygen concentrator will cost you per year in a few steps. Follow the steps below to discover the yearly cost of any home oxygen concentrator you might be considering.[3]

  1. Find the listing of the amps and the volts (either online or listed on the label of the oxygen concentrator).
  2. Calculate the wattage: Multiply the number of volts by the number of amps for a total number of watts (amps x volts = total).
  3. Find the kilowatts per hour by multiplying the total number (from step 2) by .001.
  4. Multiply the number of hours you use your home oxygen concentrator each day by 365 for the total hours that you use it per year.
  5. Multiply the total hours you use your oxygen concentrator per year (the answer from step 4) by the kilowatts per hour (the answer from step 3).
  6. Contact your power company to find out what they charge per kilowatt. (This figure varies by state, but nationally it tends to run somewhere around 10 to 20 cents per kilowatt hour.)[4]
  7. Multiply your answer from step 5 by your local charge per kilowatt hour (the amount you got from step 6). This will give you the yearly cost of the home oxygen concentrator you are considering. 

Wondering, “How much power does an oxygen machine use and how much will a home oxygen concentrator cost me?” Follow these seven steps to get you the numbers you need to make an informed decision. 

Bottom Line: Inogen At Home Will Save You Money

The bottom line is that the Inogen At Home is the most energy-efficient home oxygen concentrator on the market. We are proud to offer a home oxygen concentrator that is not only energy conscious but quiet, compact and lightweight. Our purpose is improving lives through respiratory therapy. The Inogen At Home can do just that.

Try the Energy Savings Calendar above to find out just how much you can save with the Inogen At Home, and contact us to learn more about how Inogen can help you breathe better, without the extra costs associated with other oxygen solutions


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Claudia Testimonial Inogen At Home Concentrator“The Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator has given me back my pre-oxygen freedom of movement.  It’s small size and quiet operation allow me to place it anywhere in my home; and, my husband and I are able once again to take the spur-of-the-moment trips we so enjoy. No more trying to coordinate rental concentrator deliveries along our way, we just pop the Inogen At Home in the trunk of our car and plug it in wherever we decide to stop. It’s  easy and convenient! I love it!”

– Claudia H.

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