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Realizing the Possibilities of AARP

The AARP’s slogan is “Real Possibilities”, and that is just what Inogen urges its entire community to explore. Better breathing with an oxygen concentrator means enjoying the lifestyle that you want, and doing activities where and when you want to do them. AARP could go a long way in helping you do the things you love for years to come.

Are you a member? Anyone age 50 or over can join for $16 per year, and spouses or partners are included free of charge.

I. Discounts and Benefits

Discounts and Benefits from AARP make it easier to achieve an active lifestyle. If you’re in retirement phase, money might be a little different than when an income was coming in. AARP makes it a little easier on the wallet.

Discounts exist for almost every type of consumer good or service, including but not limited to Travel, Electronics, Apparel, Health & Wellness, and Dining.

Benefits beyond discounts are things like access to insurance, a voice in Washington, and local community chapters in your area.

II. Learning, Support, & Action

The discounts help you save, but there are plenty of other resources on site that help you learn more about living better. Resources for learning and taking action on AARP are catered specifically to the needs of the audience. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Health Care – Helping members understand health care laws and nuances, as well as empowering members to have the best possible personal health.
  • The Doughnut Hole Calculator – A tool that tells you if you are at risk of falling into the Medicare Part D coverage gap, known as the “doughnut hole”.
  • Life Reimagined & Job Search – Info for those looking to make a change in their lives or head back to work after retirement.
  • Taking Action – How to become an e-advocate, how to donate, and more resources on how to contribute to real positive changes that will benefit you and your contemporaries.

III. Caregiving

Spouses, family, and friends can all be caregivers. Inogen recognizes first-hand that caregiving takes a toll on people that isn’t often addressed. AARP actually has a Caregiving Resource Center, offering information, tools, and tips for any caregivers. These people are not often concerned with their own well-being since they are so focused on the well-being of another. That’s why utilizing a resource like this is important.

The AARP can be a lot of things to a lot of people. It considers the specific needs of its members, and, like Inogen, values an active lifestyle and good health. If you’re not a member already, it could be worth learning more about all that it offers!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia, Michelle Obama with AARP Card


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