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Pulse Dose Technology

A new prescription for oxygen therapy comes with all kinds of questions. As you begin to research different oxygen delivery devices, you will encounter a lot of terminology about the equipment itself and how it works. Learning what these new terms mean is essential to understanding how your oxygen equipment works, and knowing whether certain oxygen delivery devices are right for your oxygen needs.

One of the things you will be learning about is the way oxygen is provided to you with different oxygen delivery devices. If you are looking into oxygen concentrators, you will need to learn about different dosing methods so you know which oxygen concentrators you can use. Let’s take a closer look at how oxygen is dosed when you use an oxygen concentrator.

What Kind of Dosing is Offered by Oxygen Concentrators?

There are two different ways that oxygen is provided by an oxygen concentrator: Continuous flow and pulse dosing. Continuous flow dosing is fairly easy to understand. With continuous flow, the oxygen flows continuously, regardless of whether you are inhaling or exhaling, and the flow does not change with your breathing patterns. An oxygen tank provides continuous flow oxygen, and many home oxygen concentrators provide continuous flow dosing as well.

Pulse dosing, on the other hand, is a little more complex. An oxygen concentrator using pulse dose technology delivers a fixed amount of oxygen every time it detects that the user has inhaled. Once that fixed amount has been delivered, no more is delivered until the user inhales again. This means that, with pulse dose technology, an oxygen concentrator can adjust the amount of oxygen provided based on the user’s breathing rate, meaning it can provide more oxygen when it is needed. But how does the oxygen concentrator know how much to provide and when?

How Does a Pulse Oxygen Concentrator Work?

Pulse dose technology is fairly complex, so if you’ve found yourself asking, “What is a pulse flow oxygen concentrator and how does a pulse oxygen concentrator work?” you are not alone. Pulse dose technology mechanisms are sensitive to the user’s breathing rate. With the help of an oxygen conserver and the correct flow setting, a pulse dose oxygen concentrator delivers the correct amount of oxygen to the person right when they inhale, allowing them to get the oxygen they need, without wasting any during exhalation. With continuous flow oxygen, the oxygen flows even during the patients exhale. That oxygen is wasted and simply dispersed into the surrounding air.

What Are the Benefits of Pulse Dose Technology?

Because pulse dose technology conserves oxygen, an oxygen concentrator that provides pulse dosing can be significantly smaller. Most portable oxygen concentrators use pulse dose technology and are small enough to be carried around. This makes portable oxygen concentrators that provide pulse dosing significantly easier to take with you, so you can use them in your home and when you are out and about. The flexibility offered by pulse dose technology can really improve the quality of life for those who use this type of portable oxygen concentrator.

A pulse dose oxygen concentrator has the added benefit of improved safety. Because it does not continue to provide oxygen even during exhalation, when the patient cannot use it, it is significantly less likely to produce an oxygen-rich environment. This lowers the risk of oxygen-accelerated fires, which can ease the minds of many oxygen users concerned about safety.

What is a Pulse Flow Oxygen Concentrator Made by Inogen?

At Inogen, our goal has always been to improve the lives of those who require oxygen therapy. As such, every one of our Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrators uses pulse dose technology to provide patients with the right amount of oxygen when they need it. Because pulse dosing conserves and provides oxygen only during inhalation, all our portable oxygen concentrators are remarkably small and lightweight. This means that our Inogen One models are all under 5 pounds, so they can provide supplemental oxygen without weighing patients down.

Each of our Inogen One models features Intelligent Delivery Technology®. This proprietary technology delivers oxygen therapy effectively and efficiently to patients in all modes of use. All of our Inogen One oxygen delivery systems are clinically validated to provide the necessary oxygen for most ambulatory patients during all phases of daily activity and during sleep. In other words, the Inogen One adjusts to your breathing rate, as well as to the depth of breaths, to provide you with the correct dose of oxygen, via bolus dose, no matter what you are doing. You can use your Inogen One 24/7 to get the oxygen you need.

This highly sensitive technology is revolutionary in that it is able to deliver oxygen within the first 400 milliseconds of inspiration. This is the time period during which oxygen has the greatest impact on the gas exchange in your lungs, meaning the time when supplemental oxygen will be the most effective. Because oxygen is delivered to you during this brief and critical period, you receive the greatest benefit possible. The fact that our Inogen One units are so sensitive means they are more effective during periods when your breathing becomes more shallow, such as during sleep. While you sleep, your breathing rate decreases, but your breaths also become shallower. The Inogen One is able to respond to this by increasing the bolus size delivered to you, so that you continue to get the oxygen you need when you need it.

As a result, Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrators are ideal for use during times of exertion, rest and sleep. This makes the pulse dose technology of the Inogen One a flexible choice for your life, allowing you to get the oxygen you need from one oxygen concentrator unit at all points throughout the day. So what is a pulse flow oxygen concentrator going to do for you? The Inogen One can be your single oxygen solution—a primary oxygen delivery system made to work with your life and in all modes of use.

How Does a Pulse Oxygen Concentrator Work for You?

Wondering how a pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator can work in your life? Contact Inogen to find out more about how our Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrators can benefit you and help you get the oxygen you need whether you are home, out and about or even traveling. The Inogen One was designed to improve your quality of life on oxygen. Find out how to get the oxygen you need, without being held back by heavy, awkward oxygen tanks.

Contact our Oxygen Specialists for more information. Order our free info guide, ask any questions you might have about our products and our services and see if our pulse dose technology can help improve your life. Get the oxygen you need, without giving up your life. Call 855-MY-INOGEN to find out more today.

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