Portable Oxygen Concentrator Reviews (Inogen)

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Reviews: Inogen is inspiring a new generation of portable oxygen users.

portable oxygen concentrator reviewsSuccess stories are a valuable piece of customer feedback at Inogen. They serve as a source of inspiration for other people, as well as validation for Inogen that freedom and mobility are being achieved. When it comes to hearing about testimonials and reviews from our customers, Inogen is all ears! If you’re not an Inogen customer, read on to learn about what others are saying about their experience with Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators.

Portable oxygen concentrator reviews from our customers are tremendously important to us, as they help us innovate and make our products even better. They also help others who are researching about portable oxygen concentrators to make the decision if the Inogen One is a good choice for them. A review of an oxygen concentrator or a story of your experience with Inogen helps other people find inspiration and motivation to improve their oxygen therapy lifestyle for the better.

How Inogen Helps Oxygen Therapy Patients

Inogen is dedicated to continuously improving the lives of oxygen therapy patients through innovative portable oxygen therapy. Here is a video of several Inogen customers and Inogen customer development representatives discussing their experience in helping patients reclaim their freedom with Inogen oxygen concentrators:

As you can see, Inogen’s users have great voices and unique experiences. Inogen loves to share customer success stories since they can help other patients in their portable oxygen concentrator buying journey. If you’re one of those trying to decide, hopefully the above video helped you get to know Inogen a little bit more.

We believe that if others see that oxygen therapy obstacles can be overcome, it will give them hope that they too can improve their life with portable oxygen therapy.

It’s important that new and prospective users know the truth from the most credible source: the people using the oxygen concentrators day in and day out.

Here are a few more testimonials and portable oxygen concentrator reviews that have helped others decide on whether or not Inogen is right for them:

“Switching from oxygen tanks to the Inogen portable unit has been immensely beneficial to our quality of life.” – Margaret M.

“I have been using mine now since March 2012. This is so wonderful!!! I used to have to lug 3 or 4 tanks to make it through an average day.” – Sharyn T.

“Dear Inogen, I want to thank you for your great product. It has allowed me to continue to pursue all my passions of life because I can travel and play golf, hunt and fish anywhere in the world that has power or a generator.” – Dr. Michael J. C.

And this review is one of our favorites:
“My first portable oxygen concentrator was not an Inogen, and it failed me once too often just weeks before a scheduled 8 ½ hour flight from Norfolk to San Diego. I had been told that Inogen made the best POC on the market… so I called to inquire about it. When I learned that the Inogen came with a lifetime warranty, I decided to buy it, and I am so happy now that I did. I found the Inogen One G2 to be easy to use, easy to care for and able to get me from coast to coast in an airplane without the need of changing batteries! And it was so quiet that I often checked to make sure the green light that signals that it is working was on! I needed oxygen 24 – 7 during my visit to the beautiful town of Ojai CA, and I pulled my G2 around with me both through the town and up on the top of Meditation Mount outside of Ojai where I went to take photos. Thanks to Inogen, I can now look forward to more visits to California and the Southwest without having to worry about where my next breath is coming from!” – Sarah G.

Want to hear more? Watch the video below to hear Claudia’s testimonial or go to our Customer Stories page!

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