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Oxygen on the Go with the Inogen One G4

safe oxygen levelsFor oxygen on the go, look no further than the Inogen One G4, one of the smallest, lightest and quietest portable oxygen concentrators on the market today. Weighing only 2.8 pounds, the Inogen One G4 is the perfect 24/7 solution for oxygen on the go, anytime, anywhere. Jump in the car to run errands, visit family or take a long, well-deserved vacation. No matter where you go, the Inogen One G4 is your ultimate home or travel companion.

Features of the Inogen One G4

The Inogen One G4 is designed for stationary, portable and travel use. Check out its features and benefits below:

  • Weight – 2.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions – 5.91 × 2.68 × 7.2 in (Height includes single battery)
  • Intelligent Oxygen Delivery System – Flow settings from 1-3
  • Power settings – AC Power Supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz (auto sensing to allow worldwide use)  DC Power: for mobile use in car/airplane
  • Battery – Duration (single battery): up to 2.7 hours; Duration (double battery): up to 5 hours
  • Noise Level – 40 dBA (on setting 2)
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Meets FAA requirements for air travel
  • 30 day risk free trial*
  • Free shipping

What’s Included?

The Inogen One G4 comes equipped with the following accessories at no extra charge:

  • AC power supply
  • DC power cable
  • G4 single battery
  • G4 carry strap
  • G4 protective bag

Additional accessories available for purchase include the G4 External Battery Charger and the G4 Double Battery.

*Restocking fee may apply.

Why Choose the Inogen One G4?

The Inogen One G4 helps improve your quality of life by granting you the freedom and independence to maintain an active social life, travel where you want, when you want and live a full and enjoyable life without worrying about running out of oxygen. Light enough to be carried anywhere, the Inogen One G4 can accompany you:

    • In the car – small enough to fit comfortably in any area of the car, you don’t have to worry about battery life since the Inogen One G4 battery can be charged throughout your trip.
    • On a train – traveling by train has never been easier with the Inogen One G4. Just make sure you notify the rail carrier in advance that you’re using portable oxygen and that you bring extra batteries in the event your train has an interruption in electrical service or does not have power ports.
    • On a plane – since the Inogen One G4 meets FAA requirements, you can travel by airplane worry-free to any location in the world. Be sure to contact the airline in advance to inquire about policies and procedures pertaining to air travel with a portable oxygen concentrator.
    • On a cruise ship cruising with oxygen is a wonderful way to spend your next vacation and having a reliable portable oxygen source like the Inogen One G4 will make your trip that much more enjoyable. Again, be sure to notify the cruise line in advance to inquire about policies and procedures pertaining to traveling on board a cruise ship with a portable oxygen concentrator.

For more information about oxygen on the go with the Inogen One G4, read Inogen One G4: Innovative Oxygen Just Got Better.


Inogen One Website. https://www.inogen.com.

22 thoughts on “Oxygen on the Go with the Inogen One G4”

  1. Avatar richard hendricks says:

    What is the maximum O2 output of the G4 on each setting?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Richard, On the G4, on flow setting 1, the flow rate is 210 ml per minute. On flow setting 2 the flow rate is 420 ml/min and on flow setting 3 the flow rate is 630 ml/min. For more information, please visit our G4 Technical manual: https://www.inogen.com/pdf/InogenOneG4TechnicalManual.pdf

      1. Avatar Ryan says:

        Wait, what? I don't understand this.

        Most people with lung disease on supplemental oxygen are started out at 2 liters per minute. You're saying this machine only outputs 0.6 liters per minute as a maximum? That's substantially less than most people need.

        1. Inogen Inogen says:

          Hi Ryan, People that start off on 2 liters per minute are usually using continuous flow. Our oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen on a pulse-dose basis, meaning oxygen is only released when the patient breathes in. With continuous flow, oxygen is being released regardless of whether or not the patient is breathing in. Clinical studies have shown that pulse-dose supplemental oxygen, when properly titrated is clinically equivalent to continuous flow oxygen. For more information, please visit: https://www.inogen.com/oxygen-therapy/clinical-efficacy/

          1. Avatar jennifer says:

            So is a pulse dose level 1 equivalent to a continuous flow level 1? If not, what is the comparison?
            thank you

          2. Inogen Inogen says:

            Hi Jennifer, Inogen’s intelligent delivery version of pulse dose has been tested as medically similar to continuous flow usage and needs. The reason why our system equates is due to our patented technology that gives a subtle puff at the very beginning of your breath—which allows the oxygen to go to the correct part of your lungs and conserve oxygen usage. While most oxygen patients can use the same portable concentrator setting as they do for continuous flow lpm prescriptions, it is always wise to be evaluated by a medical professional on the Inogen equipment to determine your definitive prescription needs.

  2. Avatar Robert Morton says:

    I have just received this wonderful Inogen G4 machine.
    My question is .. can I use the machine in the car whilst charging on the cigarette lighter so that it is still fully charged when I reach my destination so that I have a full battery when I get out to walk around?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Robert, Yes you can user your machine while you charge your Inogen One G4 in the car using DC power plug, which plugs into the the cigarette lighter, so that your Inogen One G4 is fully charged when you reach your destination.

  3. Avatar Stephanie Durães (daughter) says:

    Error on the address:
    I apologize, the correct one is

    Nancy Sanders
    11300 Wild Pine, #1407
    San Antonio, TX 78253

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      I will make sure that an information kit is mailed out today for your mother. We are the manufacturer and have excellent warranties (3, 5, lifetime) for the units. Please have your mother call us at 1-800-374-9038 and we can review the different options with her. We look forward to helping your mother out.

  4. Avatar Roz Masten says:

    How loud is the G4? I've read that the G3 is 39 dba.

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Roz, 40dBA on setting 2 is the the G4 sound, while 38 dBA is the G3. Please look at our online manuals for more information. https://www.inogen.com/support/inogen-manuals/
      There is an audio recording of the G3 here: https://www.inogen.com/support/faqs/
      Thank you for contacting us and hope to hear from you soon. 800-374-9038

  5. Avatar Mack says:

    Just got one question does the G4 have a contentious flow and what does it go up to and how high does the pulse go up too

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Mack, The Inogen One G4 is a pulse technology system and is not continuous flow. The oxygen output of a portable oxygen concentrator is measured in ml/min, which is the volume delivered in one minute of use. Our Inogen One concentrators then detect your breath rate and adjust this full volume delivered in one minute into boluses, or puffs, to give you the maximum oxygen with each inhalation. At the maximum setting of 3, our Inogen One G4 delivers 630 ml/min. Please visit this artcile to learn more about pulse dose technology. https://www.inogen.com/oxygen-therapy/intelligent-technology-delivery/

  6. Avatar Rebecca says:

    I want to know how much each size battery weighs alone. This information is impossible to find. Also, most newer cars no longer have cigarette lighters. Is there a charger available that uses USB?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      What model of car do you have? Most cars are still equipped with the cigarette adapter. The USB port will not support the adequate power necessary to run the concentrator.
      The Inogen One G4 single battery weighs .9 pounds and the double battery weighs 1.4 pounds.
      The Inogen One G3 single battery weighs 1.6 pounds and the double battery weighs 2.7 pounds.
      The Inogen One G5 single battery weighs 1 pound and the double battery weighs 2 pounds.
      Please give us a call at 877-466-4364 if you have any questions about the car adapter. Thank you.

  7. Avatar pauline manship says:

    I'd like to see about getting one,,,, does medicare pay for it

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Pauline,
      Please call us and ask for a free medicare eligibility check. The Inogen One G3 is covered in some cases.

  8. Avatar Rick J Pistilli says:

    I have a question about the inogen if you do not have it plugged in your car can you use the radio while the inogen is in use

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Rick,
      Yes, you may listen to the radio at the same time. I suggest not turning it up super loud for many reasons, but by all means, listen away. 🙂

  9. Avatar Marie atlee says:

    How long does single battery last on #3 setting on the inogen g4

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Marie,
      The single battery on a 3 for the Inogen One G4 is 1 hour 20 min. The double on a 3 is 2.5 hours. These are only approximations, as there are environmental factors that can change this, as well as the age of the battery itself. Please call us at 1-855-MY-INOGEN with any questions.
      Thank you,

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