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New Year, New Freedom

We all know that a new year can feel like a new start. And with that new start comes the desire for change. Who among us hasn’t made a “New Years Resolution”? In fact, Inogen has several New Years Resolutions specifically for COPD patients. But these lifestyle changes and “do better” solutions are notorious for falling by the wayside after a certain amount of time, becoming distant memories by the time Spring rolls around.

But what about a one-time decision that will improve your life for years to come? That’s what happens when you opt for the freedom of an Inogen portable oxygen concentrator. More than just helping patients breathe better, Inogen helps patients achieve freedom that they may not have thought possible when being diagnosed with a breathing condition.


We honor freedom every July 4th and sing about letting it ring. Mel Gibson screamed about it a lot in Braveheart. But what does it really mean?

Merriam-Webster defines Freedom as:

the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

Let’s take a look at what freedom means to Inogen…

Absence of Necessity

With a portable oxygen concentrator, the necessity of having oxygen tanks available is gone. Gone is the worry of how much is left in a tank, and whether or not another one is needed for a day’s trip or car ride. Instead, an oxygen concentrator’s only necessity is battery life, which can be replenished periodically at any time by plugging into an outlet or car charger.

Saying goodbye to oxygen tanks means ridding yourself of their cumbersome weight and size as well. Freedom increases with portable oxygen concentrators as it becomes easier to just pick up and go somewhere.

Absence of Constraint in Choice or Action

With Inogen, freedom means choice. Breathing conditions can feel like a hindrance to your everyday life, but a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator eases that burden.

The absence of constraint is profound. Inogen users enjoy a freedom to do what they please. Car rides become easier, and trips become more feasible. A greater peace of mind comes with the freedom of being able to run out at a moment’s notice, instead of worrying about carrying oxygen tanks. Where before you may have hesitated before accepting an invitation, now you can simply say yes!

What that freedom really allows is an active lifestyle. A portable oxygen concentrator can be used for exercise, car rides, plane rides, and more. Many users have been able to see family, friends, and new parts of the world using an Inogen product.

Customer Stories of Freedom

I was delighted to hear that my insurance would help pay for the Inogen One and soon after, obtained the unit. It totally changed my lifestyle. Freedom! 

-Barbara J.












My Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator provided total freedom to travel on our nearly 6,000 mile vacation. We drove over the Rockies to elevations of over 10,000 ft., hiked in Yosemite Park, and many other activities.

-John I.


Now I can go anywhere and have enough O2 to last me for hours or plug it in and use electricity. Either way, it is a major step up to FREEDOM!

-Sharyn T.

Alys Husel











I love my Inogen One; it gives me freedom to do all the things I have always done. Vacations, shopping, air travel.

-Alys H.


It has been such a blessing for me to have the concentrator. The portable has given me the freedom to go to many family functions…

– Alice K.

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Freedom means different things to different people. For Inogen users, it means the ability to maintain a lifestyle on their own terms. The absence of necessity and constraint is very apparent when you grab your portable oxygen concentrator at a moment’s notice and start your next adventure!



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