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Anyone with a breathing condition knows that every day is a new challenge, and with that comes a new opportunity to overcome that challenge. A day in the life with COPD can be trying but also rewarding, depending on your approach.

Inogen supports any initiative that promotes better breathing and better lifestyle for those requiring medical oxygen. was re-launched this summer with a new look and brand new content. It is built as a source of information and resources for COPD patients as they go through their journeys with the condition. According to Darielle Ruderman of GSK (site owner), “This site is about helping patients with COPD. We wanted to give patients encouragement and tools and better resources to better manage their disease.”

The new has features that are customizable, interactive, and action-oriented. In addition, the site is rich with videos that detail personal journeys of users with COPD.  Inogen supports the sharing of stories in order to show that, while each COPD journey may be unique, no one is ever truly alone in their experience.

Inogen believes that sharing good stories gives others inspiration, and this site is a great source of those success stories.

All of the features on are action-oriented and encourage “doing” not just reading:

  • Be Inspired – Profiles of real people who are currently living well with COPD.
  • Learn COPD Basics – Understanding COPD: by the numbers, its symptoms, diagnosis, and causes of exacerbation.
  • Make a COPD Plan – Helping COPD patients develop a plan for success in dealing with the condition.
  • Manage Day to Day – Strategies and information for approaching everyday life with the specific perspective of COPD.
  • Get Support – Improving relationships and addressing the needs of COPD patients as well as caregivers.

Each of these features relates to another function: “Create My Page”.

This is a core principle on the site that allows users to tailor their content and set personal goals that can be tracked. This speaks to the unique journey that every person with COPD goes through, and the helping hand that this website aspired to be.

The new look of could not have come at a better time. COPD in America today is an expensive condition:

Cost of COPD

Resources like those offered by the new are crucial in helping patients with this condition. Inogen’s resources page also offers a wide variety of information that portable oxygen concentrator users should know.

If you or someone you know has COPD and is interested in better breathing, visit the new and improved Let us know what you think on Facebook or in the comments section!


(Infographic Image from Center for Disease Control)



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