National Freedom Day Kicks off February’s Fun With Freedom

Friday, February 1st is National Freedom Day, commemorating President Abraham Lincoln signing the 13th amendment to abolish slavery. It’s an acknowledgement of one of the cornerstones of America, that “all men are created equal,” and carries special significance this year (2013), as Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” which revolves around Lincoln trying to get that same bill passed, has been in theaters since November and is nominated for twelve Academy Awards  at month’s end.

We like to kick off every month with a nod to the freedom enjoyed by Inogen users. For February, here are just a few ideas for enjoying your independence during the month, with a special Presidential theme in the spirit of National Freedom Day on February 1st and Presidents’ Day on February 18th.

1. See ‘Lincoln’

The movie has enjoyed box-office and critical success, so it is a good bet that you will enjoy this movie. The run time of this film is two and a half hours, so make sure to charge your concentrator on the drive to the theater so that you have the full 4.5 hours.

 2. Take a trip to the Library to brush up on history

Couldn’t remember which was the Emancipation Proclamation and which was the Gettysburg Address? Or who succeeded Lincoln as President? That’s permissible. This is such a rich time in American history that many details get forgotten. Take your portable oxygen concentrator to your local library and brush up on the historic occasion of the 13th amendment that helped solidify America’s core value of freedom.

3. Enjoy Presidents’ Day

Maybe you have off from work, or maybe a family member does. Take this time to get lunch out or see a movie (what better day to see ‘Lincoln’?). There may also be local events going on in your home town or city. Perform a quick Google search for “Presidents’ Day events in (your nearest city)”. You’d be surprised as to what you might find.

Don’t let the cold hamper your active lifestyle. Enjoy all that this month has to offer!


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