Making Men’s Health a Priority

On Sunday, June 15th America honored its fathers on Fathers’ Day. But why stop at one day? And why not honor all men? June is Men’s Health Month, so for the rest of the month, why not pay special attention to the guys in our lives and make sure that they stay healthy?

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Fathers have been a lot of things in our lives: Friend. Coach. Protector. Buddy. Teacher. Advisor. Good cop. Bad cop.

More than anything, what do we want them to be now? Happy and healthy. But that isn’t always the case. Men live, on average, 5 years less than women, and men die at higher rates from 9 of the top 10 causes of death. The awareness and the education are just not where they should be when it comes to men’s health, and cultural behaviors make it okay for men to forego or prolong time between doctors’ appointments.

Men’s Health Month is an initiative designed to change the story on men’s health in America. Throughout the month of June, Men’s Health Network and its supporters will be spreading awareness of preventable health problems and encouraging early detection and doctor visits. Signed into law in 1994 by President Bill Clinton as Men’s Health Week, Men’s Health Month will enjoy its 20th anniversary this month in 2014.

Join Men’s Health Month and promote awareness and understanding for the special guys in our lives! The opportunities available include:

Resources for Learning: A variety of guides and fact sheets on men’s health, including the “Blueprint for Men’s Health” and the “Prostate Health Guide”.

Resources for Action: Things to do, how to plan a wear blue event, how to distribute blue ribbon pins, and much more. These serve as starter kits for participants looking to become active in Men’s Health Month.

The Wear Blue Campaign: How to promote the Men’s Health Month objectives throughout June by wearing the color blue and spreading the message.

And much more on!

Inogen celebrates better breathing and mobility among its users all year long.

This June, encourage good health and proper education among your favorite guys!


Photo Credit: Flickr, Udo and Grandpa Steve fishing

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