How Life Changes with Portable Oxygen

Any portable oxygen user will tell you that life changes when you all of a sudden need medical oxygen on a consistent basis.  But what would they tell you? What can you expect your life to be like?

For starters, the experience from our users is that changing to portable oxygen is a largely positive change. Adapting to the new machine is a quicker process than you’d think and it quickly becomes second nature. Still, there is plenty to consider.

What Changes?

When you’re starting with an oxygen concentrator, one big change is the simple act of carrying it around at all times. If you’re transitioning from an oxygen tank, carrying something around will be nothing new. In fact, this will be a welcomed change, as oxygen concentrators are lighter and smaller than oxygen tanks.  If this is your first medical oxygen device, it will take some getting used to, but the trade-off of that learning curve is the ability to stay active longer without experiencing a loss of breath.

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The second big change brought on by portable oxygen is the need for power. You don’t always need to be charging the oxygen concentrator (actually, an Inogen portable oxygen concentrator can last up to 9 hours), but you’ll need to at least be aware of when the next time you’ll be near an electrical outlet or car power outlet will be. It may not require much in the way of lifestyle change, but this consideration will be top of mind in a way that it was not before.

A third change that you may experience is in exercise routine. Exercise, in any form, is important for overall health and specifically for improving breathing for people with COPD. Your exercise routine should not falter, it just may have to be adjusted somewhat to incorporate an oxygen concentrator with a small carry case.


What Have the Users Said?

Alvin explains how his Inogen portable oxygen concentrator has allowed him to keep active in sports – particularly golf. 

Longtime racecar announcer at the Long Beach Grand Prix, Bruce discusses his new oxygen therapy treatment.

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What Stays the Same?

There is also plenty in your life that you should expect to stay the same once you begin using a portable oxygen concentrator.

Your overall lifestyle shouldn’t change much. People who enjoy active lifestyles and travel will be able to keep those interests. Traveling with an oxygen concentrator is easier than traveling with oxygen tanks because of their long battery life and compact size.

Freedom and mobility will greatly improve if you’re making the transition from an oxygen tank. If an oxygen concentrator is your first medical oxygen device, expect your freedom and mobility to remain relatively the same.

Everyone’s experience will be different, but these basic considerations will manifest in some capacity or another once you start on your journey with portable oxygen. Share your story with us today!


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