Keeping Your Portable Concentrator in Top Condition

The Inogen One G3 portable concentrator is known for being more lightweight, quieter, and more reliable than competitive portable concentrators on the market today. You may not know, however, that it has a unique feature making it ideal for the active person: replaceable sieve bed columns.

How an Oxygen Concentrator “Makes” Oxygen

The air we breathe is comprised of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases in small amounts. An Inogen concentrator removes the nitrogen from the surrounding air by passing it through a section of the unit called a sieve bed. The result is approximately 90% pure oxygen.  This medical grade oxygen is supplied to the oxygen user through a nasal cannula.

Expected Sieve Bed Performance

Over time, the sieve bed loses some of its ability to remove nitrogen from the air. For some concentrators, this can occur as quickly as a few months after you start using it. The life of the (sieve) columns is guided by the “replace columns” alarm and is typically within a year. 

g3-column-pairInogen One G3 Columns             

The sieve beds are contained in two metal columns that fit into the bottom of the Inogen One G3. When the sieve beds become saturated, a message will appear on your unit to indicate that they need to be replaced. Sieve columns should be changed within 30 days upon notification from the unit. Replacement columns ordered from Inogen will arrive at your doorstep in a couple of days.  Until then, you can continue to use the concentrator.

The columns are sealed, making them clean and easy to replace. A simple tool is included to assist those who may have stiffness or limited movement of the hands.  Used columns can be safely deposited in the trash with no harmful effects on the environment.

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Don’t Let Downtime Get You Down!

If you don’t have an Inogen One G3, the only way to renew the sieve beds is to return your concentrator to the provider for servicing. While you may receive a replacement concentrator on loan until yours is returned to you, most often you will simply be without a portable option for a period of time.

It is a fact that all portable oxygen concentrators have sieve beds that become saturated over time, reducing the amount of medical grade oxygen you receive in each breath. Interestingly, the more you use your portable concentrator the longer the sieve beds will last. If you don’t use your portable concentrator regularly, it is a good idea to turn it on and allow it to run for an hour or two each day.

But if you aren’t using your portable concentrator regularly … why not?

Inogen Innovation

Replaceable sieve beds are just another example of Inogen’s commitment to inventing oxygen delivery products that fit your lifestyle. Inogen is innovative oxygen.


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