How Can TAV® Improve Your Day-to-Day Life?

Many people on traditional oxygen therapy find that they still experience shortness of breath, even when participating in everyday activities. If this is you, there is a solution to your breathlessness that works with your high flow oxygen delivery device to provide respiratory assistance right when you need it.  

Do you find yourself gasping for breath after walking up a flight of stairs? Are you breathless after simple, daily activities like unloading the dishwasher or walking across a room? Do you find that a long conversation leaves you feeling short of breath? If so, the  Inogen TAV® System can help.

How Does the Inogen TAV Provide Respiratory Assistance?

The Inogen Tidal Assist Ventilator, or Inogen TAV, is an advanced non-invasive ventilator device created to help boost oxygen intake to aid adult patients on high flow oxygen with respiratory insufficiency. This small, powerful device was designed to provide extra assistance to your breathing with a burst of oxygen at the start of each breath, which helps improve your ability to exercise and participate in your daily activities. In short, the Inogen TAV System gives you a boost of oxygen right when you need it most. This innovative device can help improve your endurance during exercise, including physical and occupational therapy, but it can also help improve your day-to-day life by making everyday activities easier for you. 

The Inogen TAV works with your compatible high flow continuous oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank by giving you the ability to adjust your oxygen flow volume to best suit your oxygen needs in the moment. This allows you to receive an extra boost of oxygen when you really need it to reduce breathlessness and the exhaustion that comes with it. The Inogen TAV System, including our revolutionary nasal pillow interface and ventilator controller, is able to comfortably deliver higher oxygen flow and pressure than traditional oxygen therapy, yet gives you some versatility by offering three therapy mode settings. You are able to adjust your settings quickly with the touch of a finger on the controller, allowing you to receive the maximum benefits of your oxygen therapy with the Inogen TAV. The three therapy mode settings available to you with this system are:

  • Constant Mode: This setting is similar to continuous flow on a traditional oxygen therapy device. It provides you with a constant stream of oxygen at a set flow rate, with no adjustment during your inhale or exhale.
  • Pulse Mode: This setting is similar to the pulse dosing available in portable oxygen concentrators or to conservers used with oxygen tanks. Pulse mode provides you with a short pulse of measured oxygen at the start of each inhale. This setting can help you conserve oxygen if you use oxygen tanks.
  • Tidal Assist Mode: This setting is unique. Tidal Assist Mode provides you with a larger pulse of oxygen at the start of each inhale with additional volume assist with room air to build tidal volume in the lungs. For situations that require you to exert yourself, this setting can be extremely helpful. 

So, Tidal Assist Mode allows you to get more oxygen right at the start of each breath while potentially building tidal volume, which helps you in situations that require you to work harder or require more oxygen. But why? Let’s explore why tidal volume matters and how the Inogen TAV can help you feel less breathless in your day-to-day life.

What Is Tidal Volume and How Does It Impact Breathlessness?

Tidal volume is the amount of air that moves into and out of the lungs with each respiratory cycle. Tidal volume is important because this is the volume of air that helps keep oxygen and carbon dioxide at stable levels in the blood, ensuring that you are getting the oxygen you need, while getting rid of carbon dioxide so it does not build up in your system.[1] Patients with breathing difficulties often have reduced tidal volume because of the damage to their lungs. This means that they are inhaling and exhaling less air, which means the amount of oxygen absorbed and carbon dioxide released by the lungs is reduced.[2][3] As a result, patients feel breathless and the work of breathing becomes harder.[3] 

With Tidal Assist Mode on the Inogen TAV System, your body gets a boost of oxygen right at the start of your inhale, helping you to build necessary tidal volume and get more of the oxygen your body needs. This not only improves breathlessness, but can offer other significant benefits, too. In fact, one study showed that patients using the Inogen TAV System experienced improved results in a number of different areas when compared to using traditional oxygen therapy on its own. Of the study participants:[4]

  • 83% experienced an increase in oxygen saturation to 95% or greater
  • 83% experienced improved exercise endurance
  • 61% experienced decreased breathlessness
  • 56% experienced decreased leg fatigue and exertion

In addition, the study showed that participants experienced over two times the increase in exercise endurance when compared to standard oxygen therapy, with a mean endurance increase of 136%.[4] This study showed that 94% of patients improved in at least two key measures. 

Clearly, the Inogen TAV offers significant benefits when it comes to your ability to breathe better and exercise. But beyond that, how can the Inogen TAV improve your day-to-day life?

How Can The Inogen TAV Improve Your Daily Life?

Your day-to-day quality of life is about your ability to participate in the things you need to do, as well as the things you want to do. It can be frustrating to feel out of breath after walking across your living room or folding a load of laundry, but it is often even more disheartening to find that you are unable to have an animated discussion with your grandchild about their newest toy. Oxygen therapy is meant to make it easier to breathe, but at Inogen, we think it should also help make your life easier. If you still feel short of breath after going about your everyday activities, is your oxygen therapy really successful? We think there is a way to improve it. 

The Inogen TAV System complements and supports your standard high flow oxygen therapy and helps you participate more fully in your life. Whether you want to be able to exercise longer, do simple chores in your home or have an easier time keeping up with loved ones, the Inogen TAV can help. Because this non invasive device helps make your oxygen therapy more effective in moments that would normally wear you out, the Inogen TAV can help improve your overall quality of life. 

For many patients with limited treatment options, the Inogen TAV can be life-changing. If you have resigned yourself to experiencing frequent breathlessness, the Inogen TAV System can give you hope. No matter how accustomed you are to feeling short of breath, it is a frightening experience and can leave patients feeling anxious and frustrated in the long term. Living in fear of your next moment of breathlessness can make people hesitant to take part in their lives. With the Inogen TAV, patients are able to not only experience physical relief from their symptoms, but they can also experience relief from the anxiety, fear and frustration that comes with frequent breathlessness. This level of relief can truly change the way you experience your daily life, and it can make the difference between dreading your day and looking forward to it. 

Imagine going from feeling worried about all the hustle and bustle of spending holidays with your family, to looking forward to chatting with all your relatives. Imagine going from being afraid to leave your home, to feeling excited to go out again. Imagine a life filled with possibilities instead of restrictions. Imagine how much your life could change if you were not afraid of feeling breathless all the time. 

You do not have to accept constant breathlessness as your new normal anymore. The Inogen TAV System can help you and give you your quality of life again. Find out what it feels like to abandon that constant hunger for air when you are active and, with the help of the Inogen TAV, to feel rested and powerful more often. Discover how the Inogen TAV System can improve your day-to-day life today. Contact us at 1-866-329-1458 to find out more. 


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