Introducing the Inogen One G4 Backpack!

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Inogen One G4 Backpack: Increased Mobility and Freedom

Inogen prides itself on offering our customers increased mobility and freedom through innovative products and accessories. We’ve listened to your comments and requests and are happy to announce that the Inogen One G4 Backpack is now available, just in time for spring!

The Inogen One G4 Backpack is a hassle and hands-free way to increase your independence and freedom, freeing your hands for other things (like hugging your grandchildren). With the added convenience of an Inogen One G4 backpack, you can hold your personal items and your Inogen One G4 safely and efficiently.

With the Inogen One G4 Backpack, you can easily store all the things you need for taking a hike, going fishing, visiting a national park, or enjoying a picnic. If you don’t need an entire backpack, the Inogen One G4 Carry Bag is another option for safely and conveniently transporting your Inogen One G4. Oxygen users now have the choice between the Inogen One G4 Backpack and the Inogen One G4 Carry Bag.

Features of the Inogen One G4 Backpack

The Inogen One G4 backpack was specifically designed with many features and storage options that cater to your active lifestyle while protecting the Inogen One G4 for optimal performance. The EVA-protected zippered compartment holds your Inogen One G4 firmly in place while protecting it from accidental bumps. Additional features include mesh venting to help keep your unit cool with increased air ventilation, a plastic protective display shield for the controls, several pockets for storing extra batteries and personal belongings, water bottles, easy charging port access, and comfortably padded shoulder and hip straps.

Stay hands-free and on the go with a comfortable and lightweight Inogen One G4 Backpack. You can purchase the backpack here.

21 thoughts on “Introducing the Inogen One G4 Backpack!”

  1. Avatar kenneth johnson says:

    will this backpack work and fit my G3?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Kenneth, The Inogen One G4 Backpack is specific to the Inogen One G4 so it will not be able to hold your Inogen One G3 properly. We do however, have a backpack specific to the Inogen One G3. Please visit:

  2. Avatar Sharon says:

    What are the dimensions of this backpack? I have the G4 with the large battery, but don’t want a full sized backpack just one that will hold the G4 plus a wallet, keys, phone, and glasses. The carry case only has room for the G4 and battery.

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Sharon, The Inogen One G4 Backpack is 19.95 inches in height. At the base of the backpack, the backpack is 11.3 inches wide, and 4.9 inches deep. The backpack thins out a bit at the top, where it is 9.2 inches wide and 2.75 inches deep. The Inogen One G4 Backpack is large enough to fit a wallet, keys, cell phone, and eye glasses. I hope this helps answer your question.

  3. Avatar Barbara Briggs says:

    Can you use your G 3 backpack with a G4. The G4 back is so much smaller. I realize the size of machines are different Barbara

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Barbara, We do not recommend that you put your Inogen One G4 in the Inogen G3 Backpack.

  4. Avatar Barb says:

    Again, as per Sharon's question, will the g4 backpack accomodate a g4 with the large battery?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Barb, Yes the Inogen One G4 Backpack can carry an Inogen G4 portable oxygen concentrator with a single or double battery attached.

  5. Avatar Stan says:

    I have one and it is fantastic! Toured New Orleans for a week and never once did I need to rest because of the Backpack!

  6. Avatar shelbyann says:

    does this back pack cost money

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Shelbyann, Yes the backpack costs $100. For more information, please visit:

  7. Avatar Frances Miles says:

    Will a Inogen One (G2) fit into a G4 backpack?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Frances, No the Inogen One G2 will not fit into the Inogen One G4 Backpack. However, O2 Totes carries a variety of Inogen One G2 carry bags and backpacks. For more information, please visit:

  8. Avatar Joanne Steckler says:

    I saw the ad on TV for the Inogen One G4 (which I have). In the ad a woman was wearing a pack which appeared to be fastened around her waist and also looked quite a bit smaller. Is this the same backpack shown above? I am traveling on Oct. 15. If I order the backpack, how long does delivery take?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Joanne,
      The woman on TV was wearing the brand new hip bag for the Inogen One G4. This is different than the backpack. Please visit the G4 accessories page on our website to view it. <a href="">G4 Hip Bag</a>
      Thank you for writing us.

  9. Avatar STO says:

    Does this backpack come with the aeration slots?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi, Thank you for your question regarding the Inogen One G4 Backpack. There are two places where there are aeration slots; the sides of the backpack and at the bottom of the pocket that holds the concentrator. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

  10. Avatar PAUL GRIFFIN says:

    Will inogen G3 fit in the inogen g4 backpack ?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Paul, No, don't do it! First, the Inogen One G4 is smaller than the G3, so please do not try to shove it in. Further, the backpacks are designed specifically for the product they hold and there are vents, moldings inside, etc. that are designed to fit that particular model for maximum air flow and safety.
      Thanks for asking! We suggest you choose an Inogen One G4 backpack or O2 Totes option (bottom of the accessories page on the website). Thanks!

  11. Avatar Siri says:

    How much does a g4 weigh? I went with the g4 to protect my back, because I have very mobile joints.

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Siri,
      If you are using the Inogen One G4 with a single battery, it is 2.8 pounds. If you are using it with a double battery, it is 3.30 pounds. Thank you!

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