Fun With Your Freedom: April

Inogen Users know freedom and independence in their everyday lives. That’s what comes with a medical oxygen concentrator with the utmost portability. Each month we provide a few suggestions for things to do that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of doing with your old oxygen tank. Here are just a few ideas for enjoying your independence during the month of April.

Spring Has Sprung 

Spring is finally here after a long winter, and that makes it easier to take in fresh air. Studies show that fresh air benefits people with COPD by improving breathing and opening up airways. Additionally, fresh air was found to improve the perception of relaxation, further helping the breathing process.

Hit the Road

Get out on the open road for a trip now that snow and cold are not looming large over the weather forecast. Make your own plans and enjoy the warmer weather, and take advantage of the portability that is allowed by a portable oxygen concentrator.

Month Long Observances

April is a month full of different observances and causes. Get connected in some way if these observances affect your life or are something that you believe in. You can get involved over the internet from the comfort of your own home, or you can get out to organizational events within these communities.

Keep America Beautiful Month

Keep America Beautiful month is an awareness month for Keeping America Beautiful, an organization whose mission is “engaging individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community’s environment.”

Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month is part of Austism Speaks effort to raise awareness for Autism and for a national plan that addresses Austism.

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is put on every April by the Academy of American Poets, and urges schools, libraries, and other organizations to come together in celebration of poetry and its place within society.

Earth Day & Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a celebration of trees and an effort to get people to plant more trees. Earth Day is a day for participation in “green acts” that will better serve our environment and create a sustainable future. The common thread between both? The outdoors. Both days hark to a cause that urges people to get more involved outside and to interact with the environment. Inogen shares that mission and urges people with COPD to get outdoors and take their portable oxygen concentrators with them.

Enjoy the warmer weather and all the events & activities that April has to offer by taking full advantage of the freedom and mobility that portable oxygen concentrators allow you to have.


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