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Fun With Freedom: January

Welcome to a new year of Fun With Freedom! Inogen Users know freedom and independence in their everyday lives. That’s what comes with a medical oxygen concentrator with the utmost portability. Each month we provide a few suggestions for things to do that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of doing with your old oxygen tank. Here are just a few ideas for enjoying your independence during the month of January.

1. Spend some time on an outdoor activity Norwich snow scene

The cold weather of winter has arrived in many parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean that you should hibernate indoors until spring. Bundle up and spend quality time outdoors getting some fresh air for an hour or two, maybe even take a stroll through town. Be sure to minimize complications with breathing in the cold with these tips from the COPD Foundation.

2. Seek out those post-holiday deals

The month after the holidays is a time to catch great savings in all different types of retail. In addition, summer items will be on sale now, so think ahead to what you’ll be doing when the weather gets warmer and save big by buying early. Skip the online shopping and take a day trip to the local mall with your portable oxygen concentrator and carry case in tow.

3. Get involved with a group, from home or on location.

One of the Medical Oxygen New Year’s Resolutions Inogen suggested was to connect with a group or organization of interest. January is a great month to get started on this, as you can attend events and meetings in person or simply connect on social media and make donations online from the comfort of your own home.  Whether it’s a group related to breathing conditions, or something altogether different, there is great fun, camaraderie, and support to be had in knowing you’re not experiencing something alone. Follow Inogen on Twitter for frequent links to groups and organizations related to medical oxygen, breathing conditions like COPD, and more!

4. Take advantage of Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day isn’t a day where everything shuts down…and maybe that’s a good thing. While some companies have the day off, a lot of places stay open and hold special events or promotions specifically for Martin Luther King Day. Check with the businesses and community centers in your area to see what might be going on that day. There might be a museum with an open house, a celebration at a community center, or maybe a friend simply has off from work and is available for lunch. Take advantage of your mobility on this special day.

Start your 2018 off right by staying active and involved!



Photo Credit: Norwich snow scene, Flickr, @Roger Blackwell



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