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Your COPD Report Card

Measure your breathing & symptoms with the ALA’s COPD Report Card and bring to your next visit to the doctor

It’s officially 2013 – that means looking ahead to a whole new year and setting goals and expectations for yourself, along with some resolutions. What better time to check up on your breathing? If you’ve been having trouble with your breathing, one goal that you should be setting for yourself is to fill out the American Lung Association’s COPD Report Card and find out from a doctor where you stand.

One of the big hurdles that people with COPD have to overcome at the start is simply learning what the symptoms are, and how to talk to their doctors about it, in order to find out the best treatment and care. The American Lung Association provides this COPD Report Card as a checkpoint and conversation starter for patients and their doctors. If you are already living with COPD, this Report Card will serve as a good barometer to track how you are feeling for each visit to the doctor.

The instructions on the form say “Complete this form before every doctor visit to make sure your doctor has all the information to treat your COPD more effectively. If this is a routine checkup, the information should refer to how you feel since your last visit. If this visit is because you are having worsening symptoms, then give the information about how you are feeling now.”

Here’s the COPD Report Card from the ALA – Fill it out before your next visit to the doctor.

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