Claire Loves Her Inogen One

Claire discusses why she loves her Inogen One and the freedom she’s regained.

4 thoughts on “Claire Loves Her Inogen One”

  1. JAN E. HITE says:

    Hi!! Claire,
    I see that You are NOT using Your RESPIRONICS® SimplyGo® POC anymore. Like in The YouTube® VIDEO: "HOW THE OXYGEN TUBE WORKS!" You were also using a RESPIRONICS® EVERFlo® | (OPI®) Stationary CONCENTRATOR in This VIDEO.
    I also use The RESPIRONICS® EVERFlo® ʻQʻ OPI® Ū am also Looking for a POC.
    Why The CHANGE?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Jan, Thanks for watching! As Claire mentions in the video above she feels that the Inogen One is designed for patients in mind, where as other products that she's tried are not as patient driven.

  2. JAN E. HITE says:

    Thx, Inogen

  3. Terry says:

    Hi Claire. I have Inogen One for years and you mentioned swimming. How do you that with your machine?

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