Barbara Johnson Rediscovers Her Independence

Barbara Johnson rediscovered her independence after Inogen helped her replace her tanks with an Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Read her story below:

“Before I heard the news that my oxygen needed to be supplemented, I was an independent person. Finding out that I needed to be strapped to an oxygen tank wherever I went was frustrating. I also have back problems and lifting those heavy tanks in and out of my car was exacerbating the problems. Wherever I went, my time away from home was limited by the amount of oxygen in that tank.

One day while watching television a commercial came on for the Inogen One. It sounded almost too good to be true. A small oxygen concentrator operated by rechargeable batteries that could be charged while driving my car or anywhere there was a cigarette lighter, two pin outlet or a 120V outlet. I wrote down the phone number and after dropping a tank on my foot and breaking my toe, I decided to give them a call. I was delighted to hear that my insurance would help pay for the Inogen One and soon after, obtained the unit. It totally changed my lifestyle. Freedom!

The unit came with a small hand cart or a carrying strap. Because of my back problems I opted for the hand cart. I wheeled the Inogen One and its supplies around on it. The bag that came with it had two pouches. One carried supplies for the concentrator and the other soon became my purse. Everything I needed could be carried around on the hand cart.

Anytime I need supplies or have any problems, I can call Inogen and get what I need. The personnel at Inogen have been a delight to work with and are excellent in Customer Care.

My neighbor commented one day as I returned home,”boy, you sure get around with that thing!” How true! I’m very happy with my Inogen One.”

-Barbara Johnson



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