Adventures to Take Your Breath Away: Fall Outlook for Mobility and Travel

Inogen’s mission is better breathing for those that require medical oxygen, but Inogen’s goal is also to help people achieve moments that “take their breath away.” Whether it’s an adventure that otherwise could not have been accomplished, or simply being able to see friends and family more, Inogen portable oxygen concentrators provide mobility and freedom to those whose mobility and freedom have been put in jeopardy by breathing conditions.

How Does Inogen Help?

For those that aren’t familiar, Inogen’s oxygen concentrators are small, lightweight, and battery-powered. This allows for users of Inogen to move more freely than users of oxygen tanks, which can be clunky and heavy. Inogen users are re-empowered; gone are the burdens and limitations that the prospect of medical oxygen once posed. We encourage the Inogen community to embrace this sense of freedom. Here’s a few ways to do so this season, and a few tips along the way.


Local Octoberfest

Major towns and cities across the country will be hosting Octoberfests, named for the big week-long festival that goes on in Germany. This would be a great opportunity to enjoy some German food and drink in a Fall atmosphere, and this type of event often offers a sense of community that maybe an apple orchard wouldn’t. Check with your local newspaper and other sources of information for when an event like this may be taking place.

Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says fall quite like a trip to the apple orchard and/or pumpkin patch. It’s a great way to spend the day with family in the fresh open air. If you do so and are battling COPD or another breathing condition, first consult Inogen’s guide on Fall Foods.

Craft Fair

A fall craft fair is a great way to explore your creative side and the creative offerings of others, and maybe even take something home to decorate the house with. Inogen makes walking around at an event like this a breeze with shoulder bags and backpacks to house your portable oxygen concentrator.

Foliage Drive

Going for a foliage drive is a mainstay autumn activity. Inogen users have the mobility to enjoy the scenery this season thanks to the portability of the oxygen concentrators. All Inogen concentrators come with DC Car Chargers to charge the battery during the ride. This enables you to have a full battery once you arrive at your destination. That is, if you have a destination in mind.

These are just a few ways that an Inogen user can spend a nice day in the Fall. We’ve seen community members riding horses, hiking, and taking trips across the world. Inogen’s goal is to provide better breathing, and in the process let people everywhere enjoy those moments that take our breath away.


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