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2014 COPD Awareness Month

Learning, Sharing, and Improving with COPD

COPD Awareness Banner

COPD Awareness Month is here! This is the month-long initiative sponsored by the U.S. COPD Coalition that promotes education, awareness, and donations for COPD in America.

Last year, Inogen’s Share for COPD Awareness campaign was Inogen’s way of participating and generating awareness, and it was a success on a number of fronts. It had 3 main goals:

  • Spread awareness of COPD and its prevalence in America
  • Raise donations for key foundations and research
  • Share information, resources, and success stories

And really, those should be our goals every month and especially every November when this awareness month rolls around. Here’s a recap of our 3 goals from the campaign:

Spread Awareness

The prevalence and dangers of COPD are well known by medical oxygen users and those already diagnosed with the condition. But the prevalence and dangers are not well known to everyone, and that is an issue.

This underlines the importance of awareness, knowledge, and testing.

Raise Donations

With heightened awareness comes the added push of donating to worthy causes involved in supporting people with COPD as well as those dedicated to researching treatments. The beauty of these efforts is that you can get more involved if you’d like to do something other than just write a check. There are walks, social media efforts, golf outings, volunteer opportunities, advocacy opportunities, and much more!

Sharing Information

Success continues with learning and empowerment. Some great online resources are out there to provide patients, families of patients, and anyone else interested with an avenue for further learning and action. Inogen’s mission for COPD Awareness Month is to provide everyone with content that can be shared, discussed, and promoted so that more people engage with this topic.

The resources out there can also serve as a direct path to success for COPD patients: useful tools, learning materials, planning materials, as well as support.

And when COPD patients have success, we want to know about it! Our “share your story” initiative yielded hundreds of story submissions. Those stories serve as inspiration for other COPD patients who are currently dealing with the condition.

We gathered some amazing stories from users who were able to find happiness and the lifestyle that they wanted while dealing with COPD:

“I am determined to keep on living, and breathing with COPD. I am a fighter.”

All of us have a lot of living left to do and we need to be honest with our selves and everyone we see so we can become happy to wake each day.”

“See someone who will listen and work with you. YOU have as much to do with your success and survival as the doctors do” 

“Don’t EVER let anyone tell you, you can’t feel “better”! Tell them YOU want to feel the best you that you can be! I see my lung doctor 2 times a year, we discuss new treatments that have developed since the last visit.”

I am thankful for proper medications and oxygen therapy that allows me to utilize my time much wiser to help others. I now realize how precious life really is.”

“I can’t wait to start living again with an Inogen One!”

We want to hear more stories this time around from users all over! Share your story with us, and stay connected with us throughout the month of November for more information and content.

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