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When you hear the words “oxygen therapy,” the first image that probably comes to mind is someone seated next to a large, green compressed oxygen tank with a mask over their face. While this is still one method of receiving oxygen therapy, there are many newer and more convenient options. If you or someone you love are prescribed oxygen therapy, it is helpful to know what options are available to you, as well as how to find the right oxygen therapy information. Inogen has curated a list of informative and helpful oxygen therapy resources to help you learn more about oxygen therapy benefits. 

About Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a prescribed medical intervention that provides supplemental oxygen to people with health conditions that result in low blood oxygen levels or difficulty breathing. The goal of oxygen therapy is to improve the absorption of oxygen into the bloodstream and body, allowing the body to function properly and keep cells healthy. Supplemental oxygen can be delivered via compressed oxygen tanks, liquid oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The method of delivery depends on doctor’s orders as well as the patient’s unique needs.[1]

How to Find the Right Oxygen Therapy Resources

When you are first exploring oxygen therapy resources, you may feel overwhelmed by everything you need to learn. In order to ensure that you have accurate oxygen therapy information you can trust, look for resources from medical professionals and experts in the field. These resources should give you information about different delivery systems as well as oxygen therapy benefits and challenges so you can get a clear idea of what to expect. Also look for oxygen therapy guidelines so you know how to use your supplemental oxygen properly and safely.

Trusted Oxygen Therapy Resources

Finding trustworthy sources of oxygen therapy information should start with the experts. Medical organizations and hospitals offer clear, accurate information and up-to-date oxygen therapy guidelines that keep patient safety in mind. Inogen has compiled a number of oxygen therapy resources below that you can depend on for helpful advice and information. Explore to find out more about how oxygen therapy benefits you. 

  • American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC): Offers informational brochures and guides, access to a book about how oxygen therapy works in and out of the hospital and more. 
  • American Lung Association (ALA): Information about how oxygen therapy benefits you, how to get started using it and oxygen therapy guidelines for using devices safely. 
  • American Thoracic Society: This PDF provides information about why the body needs oxygen, how each oxygen delivery system differs and questions you should ask your doctor if you are prescribed oxygen therapy. 
  • CHEST Foundation: Access patient education resources about what to expect if you require oxygen therapy, as well as how to live with oxygen therapy and prepare for oxygen therapy benefits and risks. 
  • The Mayo Clinic: For patients requiring hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the Mayo Clinic provides an overview of why it is necessary, what to expect and hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits and risks.
  • MedlinePlus: Offers access to basic oxygen therapy information as well as oxygen therapy resources, including clinical trials, journal articles, patient handouts and more. 
  • NIH’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: Provides an overview of oxygen therapy and relevant news, as well as clinical trials that may relate to oxygen therapy.
  • World Health Organization: A manual for healthcare workers focused on the availability, clinical use and practical aspects of oxygen therapy in children in health facilities.

Finding Support During Oxygen Therapy

When you are learning to adjust your life to living with oxygen therapy, it can be helpful to speak to other people who have gone through the same things. Many people find that support groups are profoundly helpful to them while they receive supplemental oxygen treatments. Ask your doctor or local medical center about oxygen therapy support groups in your area, or explore these support groups below.

  • Better Breathers Club: ALA’s in-person support group for people with lung disease. Many patients use oxygen therapy and can offer support and advice.  
  • Inspire.com: ALA’s free online support communities offer peer-to-peer support.
  • Drugs.com: An online forum for asking questions of other patients receiving oxygen therapy. 
  • Lung Institute: Advice for helping to find the right support group for you. 

Inogen offers Oxygen Therapy Resources

Inogen was founded on the belief that oxygen therapy should improve your quality of life rather than hinder it. As such, our Inogen Oxygen Education Blog offers oxygen therapy resources and oxygen therapy information to help you navigate this new part of your life. You will have to make some small adjustments while receiving supplemental oxygen, but the overall oxygen therapy benefits outweigh any challenges. Contact us to learn more about how our oxygen therapy products can help you breathe better today.[2]


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  2. https://foundation.chestnet.org/lung-health-a-z/oxygen-therapy/



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