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Freedom With the Inogen One G4

Watch as Bruce talks about the freedom he has found with the Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator.

Has Inogen Changed Your Life?

Share your story with other oxygen therapy patients.

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Inogen Testimonial Video - Close Up on Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • I had a resident at my facility at the last day find out she needed a portable tank, and me and other staff members were unable to reach anyone to help.

    Sharon H.

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  • I have had the Inogen One for two years now and have been well satisfied with the operation of this unit.

    Karen S.

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  • A wonderful product and a great company. Fast shipping and Troy Bradley was in touch the whole way through.

    Cindy G.

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  • WOW! I feel as I finally broke out of my home jail. Three yrs. ago I was diagnosed with COPD and needed to be on oxygen, so I was given a tank to tote around on my shoulder or carry which were both so heavy,

    Jean M.

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  • We travel a lot and also being on dialysis, I was kind of confined. I had to retire from my practice at age 62 from COPD and dialysis. With my Inogen, I have been to Hawaii, Florida, Disney World,

    Dr. Stephen M.

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  • Inogen One G3 stays active and pays pickleball

    Until three and a half years ago I was a very competitive pickleball player. Then I was told I needed oxygen 24/7 for my COPD. But today at age 77 I’m still a competitive pickleball player THANKS TO MY INOGEN ONE G3!

    - Tom C.

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  • Thomas B and his Inogen One G3

    “Freedom” is the word I think about when I think of my Inogen machine. Freedom to travel and to do things that I want to do and enjoy. The Inogen is the best oxygen generator there is.

    - Thomas B.

  • Inogen One portable oxygen users discuss the benefits of a portable oxygen concentrator

    Watch as Allan and other Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator users share their stories of regained freedom and independence. 

    - Allan Y.

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  • Fishing with an Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator

    Mom has been in Assisted living for three years now.  This is the first real outing she has had in these three years all due to her new electric wheel chair and most importantly her new Inogen.

    - Jeanniene W.

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