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Freedom With the Inogen One G4

Watch as Bruce talks about the freedom he has found with the Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator.

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Inogen Testimonial Video - Close Up on Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • My mom was diagnosed with congested heart failure and COPD in September 2019. Prior to her diagnosis, mom was active and loved to be outside.

    Mary Ann H.

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  • I am a disabled vet and have serious back and head injuries from military. Also developed COPD from smoking, constant diesel fumes, and working in toxic chemical after service!

    Dave D.

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  • When I became ill, it was very unexpected and sudden. I became oxygen dependent. I went from employed, independent to attached to a concentrator. I went into a deep depression. 

    Debbie D.

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  • Inogen One G5 user Linda Ferrigno

    My new Inogen G5 is a godsend. It is the best purchase I have ever made. I dealt with the company and they provided me with the very best service.

    - Linda F.

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  • Inogen One patient enjoying her freedom on a cruise

    The reason I love my Inogen,  let me count the ways: 1) Freedom 2) Convenience-just turn on and go 3)How light weight & small my portable is 4)No fear of running out of oxygen..

    - Nancy S.

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  • Susan H using an Inogen oxygen concentrator while sitting on a front porch

    Susan describes her own positive experience with her Inogen One as a “metamorphosis” like a caterpillar undergoes when transforming into a butterfly. With the Inogen One, she has regained freedom, independence and mobility to improve her daily life.

    - Susan H.

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  • The use of my Inogen Oxygen Concentrator has allowed me to continue doing our shopping and routine trips to the doctor, and the dentist.

    Dale S.

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  • Having a home in both Michigan and Florida is why we chose Inogen. With the in home concentrator being so much smaller than most and able to fit in a carry on

    Carol M

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  • Inogen One G3 customer stays active

    My Inogen G3 has allowed me to push myself to achieve fitness goals. After being diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in 2014, and the need for supplemental O2 in 2018, I turned to Inogen for help.

    - Eileen L.

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