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What Does a CT Scan Look At?

A computed tomography (CT) scan uses a combination of X-ray images taken from different angles and computer processing to create cross-sectional images, or slices, of the bone, blood vessels and soft tissues within your body. Compared to a standard X-ray, CT scan images show much more detail.[1] When is a CT Scan Necessary? There are […]

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What are the Different Types of Pulmonary Function Tests?

Pulmonary function tests – sometimes referred to as PFTs, lung function or breathing tests – are a battery of tests that evaluate how well your lungs work. Together with patient history and other diagnostic tests, they help doctors assess respiratory symptoms, such as shortness of breath and cough, identify risks before surgery and diagnose common […]

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Why do I Need a Spirometry Test?

If your doctor has recommended you have a spirometry test, you’re probably wondering why you need one and what kind of test it is. A spirometry test is among a group of breathing tests known as pulmonary function tests. This group of lung tests tell doctors how well your lungs are working. Spirometry measures how […]

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What Do Smoker’s Lungs Look Like?

In the United States alone, 480,000 people lose their lives to tobacco-related deaths every year. Worldwide, that number increases to 6 million. If you’re a lifetime smoker, the chances of you dying from an illness caused by smoking is approximately 50%. While many of us have heard the term “smoker’s lung,” understand what it means, […]

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What is Transient Nocturnal Desaturation?

Transient nocturnal desaturation, also known as nocturnal hypoxemia, is defined as a temporary drop in oxygen saturation during sleep. The condition is a significant problem in COPD, affecting a relatively large number of COPD patients. In fact, one study suggests that 27-70% of COPD patients with daytime oxygen saturation levels of 90-95% experience substantial desaturation […]

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What are the Symptoms of Oxygen Toxicity?

Oxygen therapy is a lifesaver for people with COPD and other chronic (ongoing) illnesses, its benefits known to increase survival, relieve symptoms, increase exercise tolerance, improve health-related quality of life and more.[1] But what happens when you get too much oxygen? And under what circumstances could this occur?  Let’s explore this further. History of “Pure […]

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Introducing the Inogen One G4 Backpack!

Inogen One G4 Backpack: Increased Mobility and Freedom Inogen prides itself on offering our customers increased mobility and freedom through innovative products and accessories. We’ve listened to your comments and requests and are happy to announce that the Inogen One G4 Backpack is now available, just in time for spring! The Inogen One G4 Backpack […]

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