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Watch as Allan and other Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator users share their stories of regained freedom and independence.

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With the use of the Inogen One G3, I am now able to enjoy my favorite past times once again; fishing on the Long Beach piers and golfing.

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Watch as Dr. Kennedy shares how the Inogen One helps him live his dream of playing golf.

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One Solution for oxygen at home, away, and for travel

The Inogen One is designed to provide unparalleled freedom for oxygen therapy users. It's small, lightweight, clinically proven for stationary and portable use during the day and at night, and can go virtually anywhere — even on most airlines!

  • Inogen One G5: Our newest, quietest, most technologically advanced Inogen One model weighs 4.7 pounds, offers 24/7 oxygen, 1-6 flow settings and up to 6.5 hours of battery life on a single battery
  • Inogen One G4: Our smallest model is extremely compact and weighs just 2.8 pounds. It offers 24/7 oxygen, 1-3 flow settings and up to 2.7 hours of battery life on a single battery.
  • Inogen One G3: Offering 24/7 oxygen, 1-5 flow settings and up to 4.7 hours of battery life on a single battery.
  • No more tanks to refill!
  • No more deliveries!
  • No more hassles with travel!
  • Inogen One Systems meet FAA requirements

Contact us now, we will work directly with your doctor, Medicare and your Insurance company to make sure the INOGEN ONE is right for you!

Reclaim freedom and mobility around your home today

The Inogen At Home is one of the lightest, quietest and most energy-efficient 5 liter per minute continuous flow oxygen concentrators on the market today.

The best oxygen machine for home use, the Inogen At Home allows you to move freely throughout your home. At approximately 18 pounds, it is half the weight of some other home oxygen concentrators in use today, allowing you to move it from room to room as needed. Plus, the Inogen At Home saves you money in energy costs as it runs at very low power consumption levels compared to other machines. With what you save on your electric bill, the Inogen At Home pays for itself over the long term.

The Inogen At Home is designed to provide the continuous oxygen you need without getting in your way. Order yours now and enjoy a lighter, quieter, more energy-efficient home oxygen concentrator!


Introducing Inogen’s new Freedom Bundle, an all-in-one solution to meet your oxygen therapy needs, whether you’re on the go or at home. With this bundle, you get the best of both worlds with one of our Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators as well as the innovative Inogen At Home concentrator for home oxygen therapy. Choose the Inogen One model that best fits your needs, and enjoy the convenience of both a home oxygen concentrator and a portable oxygen concentrator with this money-saving bundle.

Our innovative Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator models are lightweight and easy to carry, never need to be refilled and can go anywhere you want to go for oxygen anytime, anywhere. The Inogen At Home is lightweight, quiet, and energy-efficient; making it a comfortable companion for oxygen therapy in your home. With the Freedom Bundle, enjoy the improved freedom, mobility and independence that comes with having both a home and portable oxygen concentrator available to you**.

*Savings refers to the dollar amount saved when purchasing the products together in the Freedom Bundle as opposed to buying the products separately. Applies to cash purchases only.

**Includes one Inogen One concentrator, your choice of either the Inogen One G4, Inogen One G3 or Inogen One G5. Specifications represented may vary.

Call 800-375-3417 to speak with an oxygen specialist

Call 800-375-3417 to speak with an oxygen specialist

Join the thousands of oxygen users who have already switched to lnogen's services and reclaimed their freedom and independence with the Inogen One

"The personnel at Inogen have been a delight to work with and are excellent in Customer Care. My neighbor commented one day as I returned home - boy, you sure get around with that thing. How true! I am very happy with my Inogen One."

- Barbara J.