What Is The Inogen Tidal Assist Ventilator?

Imagine you’re able to go up a full flight of stairs or go for a long walk with a friend without finding yourself feeling exhausted and breathless afterward. Feel like you are past this point already? Not necessarily. Believe it or not, doing these things without feeling breathless is still possible with the help of the Inogen Tidal Assist Ventilation (TAV®) System. So, what is TAV? Let’s explore this revolutionary system and how it can help improve your quality of life. 

What Is the Inogen TAV, and How Is It Different From Other Ventilators?

We’re thrilled to introduce the Inogen TAV, an advanced non-invasive ventilator device that helps boost oxygen intake to aid adult patients with respiratory insufficiency. TAV stands for “Tidal Assist Ventilator,” which means that the device provides an additional boost to your breathing to enhance your ability to exercise and perform everyday activities of daily living. As such, the Inogen TAV has applications during physical and occupational therapy, but it can also be used to improve your life well beyond pulmonary rehabilitation exercises. You could see marked improvements in your ability to complete your daily activities, including climbing the stairs and unloading the dishwasher, without having to pause to catch your breath. 

A Tidal Assist Ventilator is very different from a mechanical ventilator, however. A mechanical ventilator is what you might think of when you hear the word “ventilator,” and this machine is a medical device that does the work of breathing for you by moving air into and out of your lungs.[1] Mechanical ventilators are used in hospitals, medical transports or long-term home medical care situations for patients in respiratory failure. Mechanical ventilator therapy is usually administered via mask, or intubation with a breathing tube in these settings.[1]

This kind of ventilator has a much different purpose than a Tidal Assist Ventilator, and the two should not be confused. While a mechanical ventilator is often a medical necessity in life-threatening situations, a Tidal Assist Ventilator’s purpose is to improve quality of life through improved breathing. If you struggle with frequent breathlessness, even while using supplemental oxygen, the Inogen TAV can help.

How Does a Tidal Assist Ventilator Work?

As an advanced non-invasive ventilator device, the Inogen TAV System is a volume assist ventilator intended to complement and support your current oxygen therapy with a compatible oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders. In simpler terms, the Inogen TAV gives you the ability to adjust your oxygen flow volume to get an extra boost when you really need it. This system is able to comfortably deliver higher flow and pressure, versus traditional oxygen therapy, and offers versatility with its three therapy mode settings. 

Each of the three therapy mode settings offers a different benefit to the user and can be used at different times for different purposes throughout the day.

  • Constant Mode is similar to continuous flow on other devices, providing a constant stream of oxygen to the user at the set flow rate on inspiration and expiration. 
  • Pulse Mode is similar to pulse dosing on other oxygen delivery devices and provides a short pulse of oxygen at the start of each inhalation. Pulse Mode helps conserve oxygen use, which is particularly helpful if you use oxygen cylinders. When your tank is running low or you want to conserve on a portable oxygen tank, Pulse Mode can help; however, Tidal Assist Mode is what makes the Inogen TAV so special. 
  • Tidal Assist Mode provides a larger pulse of oxygen at the start of each inhalation to build tidal volume in the lungs. For situations that require greater exertion, like vigorous activities or exercise, Tidal Assist Mode can be particularly helpful. Imagine an extra boost of oxygen when you really need it—that is Tidal Assist Mode. 

In short: Depending on what activities you participate in and the times at which you typically find yourself feeling breathless or worn out, with the Inogen TAV System, you will be able to adjust the therapy mode setting to best match your oxygen needs at the moment. 

What Is the Inogen TAV Used For?

Many people with breathing difficulties believe taking breaks during daily activities like unloading the dishwasher or walking up the stairs is normal. Yet, feeling winded after such day to day activities is not only frustrating, but it can be scary, too. You do not have to live this way. The Inogen TAV was created to help enhance your ability to participate in daily activities and exercise, without feeling exhausted and breathless, and without having to take constant breaks to get through the things you want to do. With the Inogen TAV, you have the power to participate in your life again, and still have the energy to keep going. 

This dramatically small, ultra-lightweight device consists of two parts: the Nasal Pillows Interface, which is a powerful, pillowy nasal cannula, and the Ventilator Controller. The Ventilator Controller is connected to the compatible oxygen concentrator or your oxygen cylinder to provide you with the boost of oxygen you need. The Inogen TAV can also be connected to hospital wall oxygen sources for use in a medical facility. This device is both easy and comfortable to wear, allowing you to go anywhere with it. You can wear it around the house, bring it to the gym or take it with you anywhere else you need to go. With the Inogen TAV, you can enjoy powerful, comfortable, controllable respiratory assistance.

Why You Should Choose the Inogen TAV

Whether you have been using oxygen therapy for years, or oxygen therapy is a new part of your life, you deserve to enjoy the best quality of life possible. If you find that you get tired out and breathless doing regular, everyday activities, there is a solution. WIth Inogen TAV, you can finally feel like you are getting the boost of oxygen you need, exactly when you need it. 

In fact, the Inogen TAV has been proven to offer measurable results. During a randomized controlled crossover study of oxygen therapy alone and oxygen therapy with Inogen TAV, researchers saw real results. 

Impressively, 94% of patients improved in at least two of the three key measures studied: exercise endurance, reduction in exertion scores and achieving 95% or higher oxygen saturation.[2] The study showed that 83% of participants experienced an oxygen saturation of 95% or greater as well as improved exercise endurance, and participants were able to exercise twice as long when using the Inogen TAV versus using standard oxygen therapy.[2] Additionally, study participants experienced significant reductions in their dyspnea scale, which measures perceived exertion and breathlessness, as well as their leg fatigue after exercise.[2][3] All of these findings indicate that the Inogen TAV could have significant value for patients with moderate to severe lung disease, and particularly for patients whose symptoms are not reduced adequately on oxygen therapy alone.[2] 

The Inogen TAV is non-invasive, extremely portable and easy to operate, while offering profound benefits for oxygen users who could benefit from an additional boost of oxygen during times of exertion. Because this system is easy to use with the compatible oxygen delivery device, and offers 3 therapy mode settings with adjustable flow and alarms to let you know if you are not getting the oxygen you need or the device is not working correctly, you can trust the Inogen TAV to help improve your quality of life on oxygen.

Real Results from Inogen Tidal Assist Ventilator Users

During the clinical study and patient trials, Inogen TAV users told researchers the results made a real difference in their lives. They were “able to walk faster and further” without feeling as breathless, and they felt as though they had “rested a long time with this amount of airflow coming in.”[4] For these Inogen TAV users, the experience was “dramatically different” from what they were used to with standard oxygen therapy.[4] Users were excited there were “so many settings to play with,” and one user said, “I am not gasping for air with the TAV.” You could experience this powerful, comfortable and dramatically different oxygen therapy solution, too. 

If you could use the extra oxygen boost offered by a Tidal Assist Ventilator, the Inogen TAV could be life-changing. You deserve freedom from the breathlessness and exhaustion that comes with your lung condition. There is no need to wait, or to feel like you have to live with the need to take a break after simple, everyday tasks.  You can begin a brand new oxygen therapy experience as soon as possible. 

What is the Inogen  TAV? It could be a brand new lease on life for you. It is time for you to get that extra oxygen boost and to boost your quality of life with the help of the Inogen TAV. Reduce your breathlessness and alleviate your low oxygen saturation symptoms today with the Inogen Tidal Assist Ventilator.


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